Alokanth Birthday: Know Interesting Facts About The Actor Who Got Engaged To This Known Actress



Aloknath Movies: Famous actor Alok Nath is celebrating his 65th birthday on 10th July i.e. today. Alok Nath is a well-known name not only in films but also in the TV industry. Alok Nath, who started with a small role in the 1982 film ‘Gandhi’, has worked in more than 140 films. According to media reports, Alok Nath has proved his mettle in more than 15 TV serials as well. Alok has often been playing the role of Babuji or father-in-law etc. in films and TV serials, due to which fans recognize him as ‘Sanskari Babuji’. However, it is not that Alok Nath has been doing only one type of role.

Alok Nath gave bold scenes in the film ‘Kamagni’ released in the year 1987. Tina Munim was in the lead role in the film and then there was a lot of discussion about this film. Alok Nath has been in discussions not only due to professional but also due to personal front.

According to media reports, some time ago, the heat of the #MeToo campaign in Bollywood had reached the actor as well. A female producer then loudly accused Alok Nath of harassment. However, this is not the only reason due to which the name of Alok Nath has come in the headlines, if the news is to be believed, the actor has been out of control many times under the influence of alcohol.

According to media reports, Alok Nath was once in a serious relationship with actress Neena Gupta. It is said that both of them had also got engaged but the matter did not reach the marriage.

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