Zohra Sehgal Death Anniversary Know Actress Struggle Story In Hindi – Zohra Sehgal Death Anniversary: ​​Zohra Sehgal was bigger than cinema, dreamed of becoming the first female pilot



Every person who has come into this world wants to live a full and dignified life. Although, not everyone gets this luck, but those who get such a life, the era remembers them. One such person is Zohra Sehgal. People interested in art and films will be familiar with this name. Her age was also seen blushing in front of the passionate style in which she played her character on screen. As long as she was alive, she lived life with vivacity and set an example. After living a life of about 102 years, she left this world due to a heart attack on this day. But even today people listen to his tales with great interest. As long as Zohra Sehgal lived, her age was one year more than Indian cinema. Let’s know about them…

Belongs to Nawabi family

Zohra Sehgal was born on 27 April 1912 in the Nawabi family of the princely state of Rampur. Her full name was Sahibzadi Zohra Mumtazulla Khan Begum. Zohra Sehgal’s life was full of struggles in childhood. His mother died at a young age. Her mother wanted Zohra to go to Lahore to study, so she went with her sister to enroll in Queen Mary College. The principal of this school was an English woman. Johra was the consistent topper of this school. This school was till 10th standard. After this the talk of Zohra’s marriage started. His father had made a firm intention of marrying Zohra. But his English principal did not like this thing. That’s why he failed three times in a row, so that he would remain in the tenth. Zohra took part in plays during the last days of school. It was from here that Zohra felt that apart from studies, she also had the art of acting and dance.

wanted to be the first woman pilot

Johra, who excelled in studies, wanted to become the first woman pilot in the country. But, his father, who cherished the dream of marriage, did not like this at all. He did not allow Zohra to do so. Then Zohra’s maternal uncle spoke to his father. Crying for the talent of Zohra, he said that after all, Zohra should be given a chance to become something. The benefit of so much persuasion was that his father agreed and Zohra went to England with his maternal uncle. There was no good dance atmosphere in England in those days. So Zohra moved to Germany and joined a dance school in Berlin.

lee dance training in germany

Germany liked life very much for Zohra. Every year she went on a school trip around the world. During this, he got a lot of opportunity to travel the world. In Germany, Zohra met her dance guru Uday Shankar and joined his dance group. With him she came to Almora, where she met Kameshwar Sehgal. After marrying Kameshwar Sehgal, she became Zohra Sehgal with Zohra Mumtaz. Please inform that Kameshwar was a scientist living in Indore. He was also fond of painting and Indian dance. The family had opposed the marriage of both, but later everyone agreed. Zohra’s husband was eight years younger than her.

Joined Prithvi Theater in 1945

The fire of the partition of India came even to the house of Johra-Kameshwar. Both reached Lahore and but they found it difficult to survive in Lahore, then both of them fled to Bombay with the year-old girl Kiran. In 1945, Zohra Sehgal joined Prithvi Theater. Zohra Sehgal choreographed for superhit films like ‘Baji’, ‘CID’, ‘Awara’ and ‘Nau Do Eleven’. Apart from the film world, Zohra Sehgal was fond of good food. Zohra Sehgal may have gained immense fame in film and TV, but she used to get satisfaction in theater as an actress. He loved theater although films were a good way of earning. Zohra Sehgal was last seen in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Saawariya in 2007.



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