Payal Sangram Wedding Photos Payal Rohatgi And Sangram Singh Tie The Knot In Agra See Wedding Photos



Payal Rohatgi and Sangram Singh Tie The Knot In Agra: Eventually Payal Rohatgi and Sangram Singh tied the knot. In the city of love, Agra, both became each other forever. Both were in a relationship for the last 12 years. Now they have reached the destination of marriage. Photos of Payal and Sangram’s wedding have also come to the fore. Payal is looking very beautiful in red ruddy couple.

Payal is wearing heavy jewelry with a red lehenga, but has kept the makeup light. On the other hand, Sangram looks very handsome in beige sherwani and matching safa. Both got married at Jaypee Palace in the city. All the pre-wedding rituals also took place in Agra. A day before the wedding, Payal and Sangram went to an ancient temple and took blessings.

For a long time there were discussions about the marriage of both of them. Earlier, pictures of Mehndi and Turmeric were becoming very viral. The entire rituals were completed with lots of pomp and dance and singing. Payal had already decided that she would wear a lehenga for all pre-wedding functions and would wear a sari for the temple after the wedding.

Payal and Sangram’s amazing chemistry was seen in every function related to marriage. In the Sangeet Ceremony, both of them tied the whole samma by doing a romantic dance. Everyone is giving love to Payal and Sangram on the wedding photos. The photos are so cute that even you will not be able to take your eyes off. Both took seven rounds in the presence of family and close friends.

Payal had to bow before Sangram Singh’s love

Payal and Sangram are in a relationship for the last 12 years. Meanwhile, stood by each other in every joy and sorrow. But still Payal refused to marry Sangram. Knowing the reason for this, one will get emotional. Actually, Payal can never become a mother. For this reason she did not want to get married, but she had to bow down to Sangram’s love and stubbornness. Now both have taken each other’s arms forever. Congratulations to them.

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