Amarnath Cloudburst Jhansi Devotees Who Returned From Amarnath Yatra Narrated Their Ordeal



Baba had come out of the cave after seeing the snowfall when the clouds burst. Before some could understand, landslides started on the mountains. With this there was chaos there. I saw many people with my own eyes drowning in the spate of the river. Death was visible everywhere. This is to say of Ashish Gupta, resident of Madrasi Colony outside Baragaon Gate, who had gone on Amarnath Yatra along with seven other members of his family.

Ashish had left for Amarnath from Jhansi on July 2 along with family members. On Friday, he got an opportunity to visit Baba Amarnath. Everyone came out of the cave happily after seeing, but suddenly the clouds burst and with it the landslide started. Below the river was in spate, while from above the soil of the mountains was coming down along with the water. Ashish told that due to this there was an outcry everywhere. All the eight of us members were separated from each other. Nobody knew who was where.

Ashish told that the situation was such that even a place was not available to escape. Water and mud was visible everywhere. Went on foot in the dark all night wearing wet clothes. The luggage, bag etc. taken along with it were also left there. The members of the rescue team engaged in the rescue work were showing the way to the people. When needed, he was holding hands and extending them even further. Reached Panchtarni in the morning and after that about 20 km. Reached Baltal on foot.

However, the relief was that all the members got together here. He told that the train in which the reservation was there, it has been missed. Some other arrangement is being made to come back to Jhansi.

People were running here and there to save their lives.

Dr. Vijay Bhardwaj of Jhansi along with his companions Dr. Abhishek Nagaich, Saurabh Tiwari, Ashu Tiwari, Neeraj Tripathi, Dr. Chandan Singh and Raunak Tiwari had visited Baba Amarnath on Friday. After about a quarter of an hour, a divine disaster struck. Dr. Vijay Bhardwaj told that the people present there were running here and there to save their lives. While some were searching for their family, some were pleading for help from the members of the rescue team present there. All the people’s belongings were washed away in the water. Death was looming in front of everyone’s eyes. There has been massive loss of life and property due to the disaster.

Stopped in Jammu, not allowed to proceed

Jhansi. Barabazar residents Vijay Aggarwal, Premchandra Agarwal, Ashish Gupta, Sanjeev Gupta and Sanjay Gupta along with eighteen members of their respective families had left for Amarnath from here on July 7. All of them had reached Jammu on Thursday. On Friday, he had to visit Baba Amarnath. But, in the meantime, an accident happened there, due to which all of them were stopped in Jammu itself. He was not allowed to proceed further towards Amarnath. After that he changed the schedule. Now he has gone to see Vaishno Devi.



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