Amarnath Cloudburst After The Incident Of Cloudburst The Enthusiasm Of The Devotees Remained Intact – Amarnath Cloudburst: Even after the incident of cloudburst, the enthusiasm of the devotees remained intact.



Even after the incident of cloudburst near Amarnath cave, the spirit of the devotees of Baba Barfani, who stayed in the base camps, is not shaken. However, the horror of the accident shook him to the core. Despite this, his faith remains intact. They say that Baba has called so far away, so now he will also get darshan done.

Ganesh, who came from Pune in Maharashtra, said that the accident has shook him but he is confident that Baba will do everything right. No accident can weaken our morale. We have come to have darshan and will go only after seeing Baba.

Rakesh Kumar, a member of the team that organized the Bhandara, said that I had come down from the cave shortly before the accident. My heart is very sad after the accident. May Bholenath rest the soul of the dead. Ritesh, who came from Noida, has said that Bhole Baba has called us. They will not return without bowing their heads at their rate. Security forces and government machinery are taking the injured to the hospital and repairing the damaged road.

Security forces brought everyone safely

Surendra, who came from Odisha, says that I had left only a minute before the accident. That’s why my life was saved. There was a lot of stampede at the spot. A child separated from her parents was crying. Security forces took him to a safe place. The rest of the injured were also brought safely to the front tents.

16 killed and 40 to 50 people missing

Let us inform that so far 16 devotees have died in this accident. Around 40 people are missing and more than 50 have been injured. Several teams related to disaster management including Army, NDRF and SDRF are continuously engaged in relief and rescue work.



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