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So far 16 pilgrims have died due to cloudburst near Amarnath cave on Friday. Around 40 people are missing and more than 50 have been injured. Teams of Army, ITBP, BSF, CRPF, Jammu and Kashmir Police, NDRF, SDRF are involved in the rescue operation. The help of trained dogs is also being taken.

Along with the security forces, the help of modern machines and helicopters is also being taken in the rescue work. Airforce An-32 and Ilyushin Il-76 aircraft have been kept on standby in Chandigarh. Help can also be taken if needed. It is a multipurpose aircraft. The role of this aircraft is considered very important at the time of disaster.

Teams and machinery engaged in rescue work

  • Four teams of NDRF with more than 100 rescue personnel are engaged in the rescue operation.
  • The bodies were taken from Nilgarh to Srinagar by BSF’s Mi-17 helicopter.
  • Indian Air Force has deployed two ALH Dhruv and Mi-17 V5 helicopters from Srinagar for rescue operations.
  • Injured pilgrims from the Amarnath cave site are being taken to hospital for treatment by Mi-17 helicopter of the Indian Air Force.
  • The inclement weather is making it difficult to bring helicopters from the Ladakh sector to the Kashmir Valley.
  • The Air Force has kept one An-32 and Ilyushin Il-76 aircraft on standby at Chandigarh for further requirements.

Important things about the IL-76

  • It is a four-engined strategic airlifter aircraft.
  • Il-76 can carry a weight of more than 40 thousand kg at a time
  • There are three variants of IL-76
  • The Il-76 is a Russian-made aircraft, which plays an important role in the transportation of relief materials and large numbers of people.
  • Along with India, the Air Force of Russia, Ukraine and Libya have also included it in their fleet.



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