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What is going on in the life of the smiling faces on the screen, what trouble or trouble they are going through, often the audience does not know. This is also the principle of the entertainment world, ‘Show must go on’. Recently, at the launch of ‘India’s Laughter Champion’, its judge Archana Puran Singh had told how her mother-in-law’s body was waiting for the funeral in her house and the director of one of her shows then shot her laughing. Asked to shoot. Another such story is shared by actress Kanchan Gupta. According to the story, she keeps on bringing ups and downs of all the expressions on her face these days while playing the character of Anandi Ba in the serial ‘Anandiba and Emily’. But, her heart always yearns to be with her husband.

Thier for your identity

Before the serial ‘Anandiba and Emily’, Kanchan has worked in serials like ‘Satrangi Sasural’, ‘Kya Haal Mr Panchal’. When Kanchan, a resident of Abohar, Punjab, came to Chandigarh for further studies, she met Chandrakant Gupta there. The relationship formed between the two and soon both of them also tied the knot. Chandrakant Gupta and housewife Kanchan, who were busy in government jobs, had a daughter, for whose upbringing, Kanchan forgot her dreams. When her daughter turned five years old, Kanchan felt that the daughter would grow up to be busy in her own world and her husband was busy with his work. So Kanchan joined theater to pass her own time.

first chance in acting

Kanchan Gupta says, ‘There was no plan to become a heroine or an actor in life. Started theater in Chandigarh near time. During that time Jalandhar did some shows for Doordarshan. The only purpose was to pass the time, so whatever small work was available, she kept on doing it. The first opportunity came in Jalandhar Doordarshan’s serial ‘Karmawali’. The show was on the partition of India Pakistan. The show is so popular that even today repeat telecasts keep happening. In this I played a negative character.

Came to Mumbai because of daughter

Kanchan’s husband did not want the daughter to go out anywhere alone and stay alone. So when the daughter made up her mind to study outside, Kanchan moved to Mumbai with her daughter. With his coming to Mumbai, Kanchan Gupta got an opportunity to work in Doordarshan’s serial ‘Main Kuch Bhi Kehna Sakti Hoon’. After this she became a step mother in ‘Satrangi Sasural’. The issue of domestic violence was specially raised in this serial. The same message was given in this serial that when such a thing happens, it should not be hidden but should be told to your children so that they can raise their voice in your support.

sad about husband’s illness

Kanchan Gupta says, “My husband is now retired. It was only in January that he came to know that he was diagnosed with cancer. Our show ‘Anandi Ba and Emily’ was also going to start in January itself. At first I thought I should leave the show but it was he who gave me the courage to work and said ‘the show must go on’. I don’t tell anyone about this here on the set. I just want to spend more and more time with my husband. Presently he is undergoing treatment and is making good recovery now.



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