Happy Birthday Tabassum Special Relation With Ramayan Actor Arun Govil Know Known Facts About Bollywood Actress



The beautiful actress of Bollywood industry Tabassum does not need any identity. The actress is famous in the world of cinema as Baby Tabassum, who has also made a special identity in the world of TV. Today Tabassum is celebrating her 78th birthday. The actress had stepped into this industry at a very young age. At a young age, he worked with many great artists. She appeared in several hits as a child artist in the 40s and 50s, including films like ‘Bahaar’ and ‘Jogan’. Apart from this, he started the first talk show in the world of TV. But amidst all this, the personal life of the actress is also very special. Today, on this special occasion, we are telling you some interesting things related to the actress.

This is how Tabassum’s career started

Born on July 9, 1944, Tabassum belongs to Ayodhya. The special thing is that he was born in a family of freedom fighters. His father Ayodhyanath Sachdev and Asgari Begum were freedom fighters. However, the education of the actress took place in Mumbai. It is claimed that when Tabassum entered the film world, she was just three years old. He played the role of a child artist in the film ‘Mera Suhaag’ released in the year 1947. Tabassum won the hearts of the audience by playing the childhood character of Nargis in the film ‘Deedar’. After that she appeared in many films.

First talk show started on TV

Tabassum had traveled a lot in the film world as well as made a move towards TV. He first started the Indian television talk show ‘Phool Khile Hai Gulshan Gulshan’. In this show, she used to have special conversations with people associated with the cinema world. The show got a lot of love from the audience and that is why this show of Tabassum was aired on Doordarshan for not one or two but for a full 21 years. The show started in the year 1972 and ran till 1993. However, Tabassum’s journey does not end here. He has worked as an editor in a Hindi magazine for 15 years.

Have a special relationship with Arun Govil

Like Tabassum’s career, her personal life is also quite beautiful. She is married to Vijay Govil, brother of Arun Govil, Ram of the famous serial ‘Ramayana’. In such a situation, the relationship between Tabassum and Arun Govil is also special. Tabassum and Vijay Govil have a son named Hoshang.



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