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There was a gathering of travelers in the tent city amid light rain. Out of around five thousand devotees, some were coming for darshan and some were on their return after having darshan. There was a loud roar of clouds amidst the shouts of Bam-Bam Bhole, but no one knew that the Tent City was going to be inundated due to cloudburst at some distance from the holy cave. Devotees were preparing to visit and return to the tent city built in a flat area just in front of the cave. Meanwhile, the sound of water started coming. A huge stream of water came from top to bottom on the left side of the holy cave. In the drain flowing in front of the cave, water started coming in strong flow from many other places.

There have been incidents of cloudburst near the cave thrice during the Amarnath Yatra in the last 12 years, but never so much devastation. This is the first time that so many people have lost their lives due to a cloudburst and many are still missing. Some officers posted in the Amarnath Yatra told that everything was going normal. Suddenly a voice came and there was so much devastation.

According to the information, in the year 2010 also there was a cloud burst near the cave, but even then there was no damage. In the year 2021, on July 28, a cloudburst near the cave trapped three people, who were rescued. There was no casualty in this. This time the cloudburst has caused a lot of damage.

Some officers posted in the yatra told that after the cloudburst there was a sudden flow of water. The debris of two big mountains came in it. There were many big stones in the rubble, due to which many passengers got hit by them. This was one of the main reasons why so many people lost their lives.

A cloudburst near the Amarnath cave caused so much rain within an hour, which is not even in five hours. Not only this, there was no rain in the camps around the cave, but there was heavy rain over the cave. Meanwhile the cloud burst and there was destruction.



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