Amarnath Cloud Burst: 250 Amarnath Pilgrims Were Killed In 1996



The devastation caused by a cloudburst near the cave of Baba Barfani is reminiscent of the tragedies that happened in 1969 and 1996. In 1969 in Pahalgam, 40 Amarnath pilgrims were killed in an inundation caused by a cloudburst. At the same time, 250 passengers lost their lives in the tragedy of August 1996. The incident of 1996 is the most dreadful and biggest tragedy of Amarnath Yatra history. The Amarnath Yatra was prone to terror attacks in the early days of militancy in Jammu and Kashmir.

The first terrorist attack on Yatra took place in the year 1993.

As a result, the number of visitors was less. The year 1993 saw the first terror attack on the yatra, but when the situation improved in the year 1996, a record number of pilgrims joined the yatra. In those days there was no facility of accurate weather forecast on the yatra route. From August 21 to August 25, weather wreaked havoc on the yatra route, in which nearly one lakh passengers were stuck at different places due to rain, landslides and snowfall.

Recommendation to make many arrangements to make travel safe in future

About two hundred and fifty passengers died due to extreme cold and bad weather. The then National Conference government appointed Dr. Nitish Kumar Sen Gupta, Director General, International Management Institute, New Delhi, as the Investigating Officer for the investigation into the Amarnath Yatra tragedy. After the investigation, Dr. Nitish, through the report, recommended to make many arrangements to make Amarnath Yatra safe in future so that the recurrence of such tragedy can be prevented in future.

Yatra stopped from Pahalgam, Baltal and Jammu due to rescue work

Due to the major accident on Friday evening near Shri Amarnath cave due to cloudburst, about 15 people lost their lives and more than 35 people went missing and due to rescue work, the government stopped the travel from all three places Pahalgam, Baltal and Jammu till further orders. Have given. About ten thousand devotees had visited Baba Barfani before the accident happened at 5.30 pm on Friday.

More than six thousand devotees stayed in the camp too.

After the accident, the journey has been stopped and the passengers are being accommodated at safer places. About twenty thousand pilgrims are staying at Pahalgam, Nunwan, the base camp of the Yatra. At the same time, more than six thousand devotees are staying at the base camp located at Bhagwati Nagar in Jammu.



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