Accused Made Many Revelations In Sidhu Moosewala Murder Case



Gangsters played the bloody game of killing Punjabi singer Sidhu Moosewala for Rs 1 crore. All the criminals involved in this massacre were given money according to their work, in which the shooters got Rs 5 lakh each and the vehicle for their escape and the cost of staying in hotels on the way were separately paid. Some money was also given to those who did the recce of Musewala and provided logistics to the criminals. All this has been revealed in the interrogation of Priyavrat Fauji and Kashish brought by Punjab Police on production warrant from Delhi. According to sources, during the interrogation of the accused, the investigating officers have also come to know that the shooters were also trained for the murder of Sidhu Musewala, who was living under tight security and the complete plan of murder was serialized. In this it was decided who would shoot first at the time of attack on Moosewala and after that how the rest of the shooters would fire, so that the singer would die on the spot.

For the murder, other sophisticated weapons including AK-47 were used, which were also trained to operate the shooters, so that there was no mistake during the attack. Both the accused also told during interrogation that they had Rs 10 lakh in cash at the time of the incident. He also told the investigating officers that all this cash was provided by Goldie Brar hiding in Canada, while other accomplices were given money separately. The investigating officers are linking all this information received from Priyavrat and Kashish so that there is no way for the criminals to escape while presenting the investigation report in the court. Under this, the investigating officers have decided to repeat the murder scene at the crime scene, for which the drivers of the shooters including Priyavrata and Kashish will also be taken to the spot.

State-of-the-art weapons used in the murder

At the behest of Goldie Brar, Priyavart and Ankit Sersa were also given full training in operating state-of-the-art foreign weapons in an empty field on the Punjab-Haryana border. These weapons included Germany’s Heckler & Kot handgun, Star pistol, Glac pistol, Turkey’s Zigana semi-automatic and AK-47. Weapons training was given in a deserted place on the Punjab-Haryana border near Mansa.

Manu Kussa fired the first shot at Musewala

Moga resident sharp shooter Manpreet Manu Kussa fired the first shot at Sidhu Musewala, which Kussa claims was the only bullet that killed Musewala. The first plan to shoot at Musewala by Manu Kussa was hatched by Goldie Brar, about which it has been revealed that the Punjab Police had arrested Manu Kussa some time back and sent him to jail.

Manu Kussa was thrashed by some of the prisoners lodged in the jail, due to which Manu Kussa suspected that the Bambiha gang had attacked him. After this Manu Kussa started planning to take revenge on the Bambiha gang, taking advantage of which Goldie Brar told all the shooters that Manu Kussa would fire the first shot on Moosewala.



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