Ram Gopal Varma Opens Up About How He Discovered His Ladki Pooja Bhalekar



Meet Ladki: Enter The Girl Dragon Actress: Ram Gopal Varma has launched many new faces in the film industry. This time also we are bringing a ‘girl’, who has been told about how to find them. Don’t be surprised by ‘Girl’… that’s the title of the film and the one they found is Pooja Bhalekar. Ram Gopal Varma is currently in the discussion about his film ‘Ladki: Enter the Dragon Girl’ and about Pooja Bhalekar, who is going to debut with this film. Everyone is also curious to know.

Searching for an actress skilled in martial arts

This film by Ram Gopal Varma is based on Martial Arts. When he thought of making a film on this topic, he wanted to put a woman in the center of its story. In such a situation, he was looking for a girl who is proficient in acting as well as martial arts and his search ended with Pooja Bhalekar.

Pooja Bhalekar, who specializes in stunts, impresses

According to a TOI report, talking about signing Pooja Bhalekar, Ram Gopal Varma said, “Someone had suggested her name and that’s why I decided to meet her. She came with her father on the first day. I was quite impressed seeing his demonstration. She is as obsessed with Bruce Lee as I am. I wanted to shoot such action sequences where actors can do stunts themselves and are skilled in martial arts.

Doing martial arts since the age of 12

Ram Gopal Varma further told that Pooja has been doing martial arts since the age of 12. According to him, Pooja’s physique shows her character and look perfect on screen. He even said that Pooja has the most perfect body, she has seen this for the first time and she also has the power to fight. These things seemed completely different to Ramu. He found a combination of power and sensuality in Pooja, and that ended his search for a ‘girl’.

Will be seen fighting in bikini too

Since Pooja (Pooja Bhalekar) is from a conservative family, Ram Gopal Varma took time to convince her. Pooja will also be seen fighting with men on the beach in a bikini. Ram Gopal Varma has introduced Pooja by holding a press conference. His film ‘Ladki’ (Ladki: Enter The Girl Dragon) will be released in 40 thousand cinemas in China apart from India.

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