Urfi Javed Gets Brutally Trolled For Revealing That She Does Not Like To Bath



Urfi Javed On Bath Habit: Looking at the way the popularity of Urfi Javed is increasing, very soon many may get jealous of him. Now a star like Ranveer Singh has praised him as a fashion icon. By the way, Urfi is very cool with her clothes as well as her tongue. Speaks frankly, speaks from the heart. She does not miss to share even her small secrets. Now take the matter of his bathing habit. Now who can tell publicly that he does not like bathing at all. Urfi Javed has power. He has accepted this.

Urfi said- does not like to take bath at all

Now as it is known that it is raining heavily in Mumbai these days. One day during this season, Urfi came out and during a conversation with the paparazzi, they asked if she liked the monsoon season. On this, Urfi said about himself, “I don’t even like to take a bath. It’s a far cry from getting wet.

Urfi was further asked if she feels lazy in monsoon, she said, “I am very lazy. It is not just about monsoon. I get lazy everyday. ”Instant Bollywood has shared the video of conversation with Urfi.

People started making such comments on the Internet

Now if Urfi Javed does something or says something, it is bound to be trolled. As soon as this video surfaced, people targeted Urfi. People started making fun of him by making various comments. One said that if you get wet, the makeup will not come off. One asked the question that for how many months he has not taken a bath. At the same time, another said in a questioning manner, ‘means you have come without taking a bath’. At the same time, another called her as ‘Chhoti Rakhi Sawant’. Commenting on his dressing sense, one said, ‘Brother, tell me what are the clothes’. There are a lot of such comments. Now no matter how the comments are, but these people also follow them.

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