Top 5 Trp Show Update Anupamaa Bhagya Lakshami Imile Serial 8 July 2022 Written Update – Tv Serials Updates: Will entrap Pakhi in a trap More…Elder mother will hide the kitchen for unconscious Tamarind, read today’s serial update



When it comes to entertainment, the small screen has always been entertaining the audience continuously. Often, in most serials, there is always some explosion every day and the audience eagerly waits for the next episode. So let’s know today’s update in which serial from Anupama to Yeh Hai Chahate and Imli.


The serial Anupama, which has always been at number one in TRP, has become the first choice of the audience this time too as the current track is going on about Anupama’s daughter Pakhi and Barkha’s brother Adhik and the show is witnessing tremendous uproar as usual. Is. By now Aakhi has confessed in front of everyone that he likes Pakhi but in the next episode, Adhik will tell Barkha that he is just framing her.


Serial Tamarind is also maintaining its position in the TRP list this time, because at this time the audience is liking the closeness of Aryan and Tamarind but in the coming episodes, Tamarind’s life is going to be in danger as she faints and its Later, the elder mother i.e. Narmada Rathore hides her in the kitchen. At the same time, Malini will also be seen plotting.

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The serial ‘Yeh Hai Chahte’ also has a long fan following. The audience likes its story a lot, as the twists and turns in this show continue to increase the excitement of the fans. In the coming episodes, Armaan will be seen lying to Saransh so that he doesn’t tell Rudraksh that Preesha is with Armaan. Armaan tells Saransh that Preesha is unable to remember the past and if she remembers anything, it can put her life in danger, so how can she leave her friend alone. Thereafter, Saran asks to take Preesha along, but Armaan will try to stop her.

Bhagya Lakshmi

Serial Bhagya Laxmi is also very much liked by the audience at this time and this is the reason why the show has made its place in the TRP list this time. Let us inform that today’s episode starts with Anna in which she tells Laxmi that her brother was under stress and his mood was not good. After this, when Lakshmi enters the room, the whole room is scattered. After which she thinks that Rishi is going crazy after marriage.



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