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BJP has achieved a historic victory in the Rampur Lok Sabha seat by-election. After eight years in the stronghold of SP leader Azam Khan, the lotus blossomed again. BJP candidate Ghanshyam Lodhi defeated Asim Raza of SP. Let us know who is Ghanshyam Lodhi who won the Rampur by-election? How did they break into Azam Khan’s stronghold?

First know the political math of Rampur seat

SP veteran Muslim leader Azam Khan was elected MP from Rampur Lok Sabha seat in 2019. Azam also contested the assembly elections this time and won. After this he resigned from the membership of Lok Sabha. Due to this by-election was held here. There are five assembly seats under Rampur Lok Sabha seat. In this Rampur, Swar and Chamraua seats are Muslim majority seats. The number of Muslim voters in all three seats is more than 50 per cent. There are 63 percent Muslim voters in Rampur seat, 55 percent in Swar seat and 53 percent in Chamraua seat. Bilaspur seat also has 30 percent Muslim voters.

In the 2022 assembly elections, three of these five seats were won by the SP and two on the BJP. Azam Khan from Rampur assembly seat, his son Abdullah Azam from Swar and Naseer Ahmed Khan from Chamraua assembly seat won on SP ticket. At the same time, Baldev Aulakh from Bilaspur seat and Rajbala Singh from Milak seat won on BJP ticket.

Who is Ghanshyam Singh Lodhi?

Ghanshyam Lodhi is not a new name for Rampur. He has been active in politics for a long time. His politics also started with BJP. Then he was very close to Kalyan Singh, the former Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh. In addition, he was also the district president of the party. In 1999, he left the BJP and joined the BSP and also contested the Lok Sabha elections, but could not win. Then Ghanshyam stood at number three.

When Kalyan Singh left the BJP and formed the National Revolution Party, Ghanshyam Lodhi also joined it. In 2004, Ghanshyam Lodhi got its reward. Rashtriya Kranti Party in alliance with SP made Ghanshyam its candidate from Bareilly-Rampur MLC seat. He also won.

Then joined BSP

During the 2009 Lok Sabha elections, Ghanshyam Lodhi joined the BSP. BSP made him a candidate from Rampur, but he could not win. Then Samajwadi Party candidate and actress Jaya Prada won. After the election defeat, Ghanshyam once again joined the SP in 2011.

Azam Khan’s close joined BJP before elections

In Rampur, Ghanshyam Lodhi created a lot of atmosphere in favor of SP. In 2012, he also worked hard. After this, he campaigned for the SP in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections and again in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. Ghanshyam was considered close to Azam Khan. However, just before the 2022 assembly elections, Lodhi left the SP and joined the BJP. He also campaigned fiercely for the BJP in the elections.



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