Chetan Anand And Priya Rajvansh Love Story: Kk Menon And Jacqueline Fernandez Will Be Lead Character – Biography: The story of the actress who will come on the big screen, was done by the sons of her lover, who was brutally murdered



Pyaar… Ishq and Mohabbat… From the time of Laila-Majnu, lovers were identified with these words. Then came the 70s, which introduced the world to live in relationship culture. This culture was started by the very beautiful actress Priya Rajvansh of the 70s and Chetan Anand, a well-known writer, director and producer… Their love story caught on so much that they were discussed everywhere. The story of living in the 70s and admitting it openly is now going to be seen on the big screen. Actually, a film is going to be made on the love story of Chetan Anand and Priya Rajvansh. When will it be released and who will play whose role, know in this special report …

When will the shooting of the film start?

It is also being claimed in the reports that work on this film will start within a month. Well-known filmmaker Pradeep Sarkar is going to make this film. While Deepak Mukut will produce this film.

Who will play Priya’s character?

According to the information received, KK Menon will play Chetan Anand’s character and Jacqueline Fernandez will play the role of Priya Rajvansh in this film. According to media reports, the film will show the history of Hindi cinema from 1921 to the early 2000s. Along with this, the romance of the two as well as the controversy over the death of Priya Rajvansh will be shown in the film.

Something like this was the love story of Chetan Anand and Priya Rajvansh

Priya Rajvansh had done maximum number of films with Chetan Anand in her entire film career. During the shooting of the film, the closeness between Chetan and Priya starts increasing. Chetan was already married but his relationship with his wife was not good. Both were living separately. Chetan’s two sons Ketan and Vivek lived with their mother. It is said that Priya and Chetan lived together for about 25-27 years but they did not get married. Chetan wanted Priya so much that he bought a luxurious bungalow in Juhu, Mumbai especially for Priya. Both of them had a happy life. The matter worsens when Chetan wrote a will while he was alive and gave a share to the Priya dynasty along with his two sons.

How did Priya die?

Both of Chetan’s sons were angered by Priya’s participation in the will. When Chetan died due to illness on July 6, 1997, his two sons started harassing Priya. He wanted Priya to somehow vacate the bungalow whose value had slowly reached into crores. Now Chetan’s sons plan to kill Priya. Chetan Anand’s two sons lured the servants money to kill Priya. On the night of 26 March 2000, the maid mixed some intoxicant in tea and gave it to Priya and when Priya fainted, the servant strangled her. Although the maid still suspected Priya to be alive, she killed Priya by hitting her on the head two or three times with a laundry belt.



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