Kamini Kaushal Was Deeply In Love With Dilip Kumar But She Married Her Sisters Husband



Kamini Kaushal Tragic Life Facts: Legendary actor of Indian cinema, Dilip Kumar was not only famous for his strong performance in films, but more than professional life, his personal life was also in the headlines. Dilip Kumar was married to Saira Banu, 16 years younger, but do you know who was his first girlfriend? According to media reports, Dilip Kumar first fell in love with actress Kamini Kaushal.

Kamini Kaushal worked with Dilip Kumar in the 1948 film Shaheed. According to reports, during the shooting of this film, the closeness of both of them had increased. Later, the relationship of both of them had reached such a serious point that both wanted to get married and settle down to their home, but luck had something else to accept. Actually, Kamini Kaushal was already married. You will be surprised to know that Kamini was married to her own brother-in-law.

Actually, this marriage took place due to a compulsion and Kamini was not at all ready for it, in fact, Kamini’s sister had suddenly died after which there was no one to take care of her children. In such a situation, the family decided that Kamini should be married to her brother-in-law so that the children deprived of mother’s love would get a mother. Kamini could not say anything under the pressure of the family.

After this Kamini came close to Dilip Kumar, when the family came to know about it, they threatened the actor to stay away from Kamini. Kamini’s brothers had even told Dilip Kumar that if they did not reduce their closeness with Kamini, they would kill her. In this way, this relationship could not progress and the paths of both were separated forever.

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