Hollywood Actor Brad Pitt Is Battling With ‘Face Blindness’ Disease Details Here | Brad Pitt Face Blindnes: Hollywood actor Brad Pitt is battling ‘face blindness’ disease, said



Brad Pitt Face Blindness Disease: Hollywood’s famous actor Brad Pitt recently said many things about his retirement planning. Brat Pitt’s name is included in the list of most famous actors in the world. Brad Pitt is battling a serious illness. This has been disclosed by Brad Pitt himself. Brad’s fans are quite disappointed after hearing this.

Brad Pitt has revealed that he is battling a disease like ‘Face Blindness Disease’. Giving information about this, Pitt has talked about the disease in the August 2022 issue of GQ cover story. He has told that this is such a disease in which you are not able to recognize the faces of people, which is called Prosopagnosia.

Also mentioned in 2013

The actor further said that in simple language this disease is called ‘face blindness’. Brad Pitt also talked about his disease in the year 2013. Talking about the disease, he said that no one believes in him. While expressing his pain, he said that people think that I disrespect them but it is not so, I do not recognize the face.

The actor has further told that he is now going to get the test done soon. This is the reason why I am at home for so long. Let us tell you that recently ‘Ishq Vishk’ actress Shenaz Treasury also revealed that she is also suffering from ‘face blindness’.

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