Malayalam Actor ND Prasad Dies By Suicide Found Hanging On Tree Outside House



Malayalam Actor ND Prasad Died : A bad news is coming out from the Malayalam film industry. Malayalam actor ND Prasad (ND Prasad) He has given his life by hanging. The actor’s body was found hanging on a tree outside his house, after which there was a stir in the area. The age of the actor is being said to be 43 years, although the exact cause of death has not been revealed yet, but if the news is to be believed, the actor was troubled by his family issues.

Father’s body shown to son
According to reports, on June 25, around 6:30 pm, ND Prasad’s son saw his father’s body hanging on a tree outside the house, after which he informed the neighbors about it and then the police was informed. According to the information given on the Indian Express, the police believe that the actor has taken this step due to family problems.

wife living separately
According to the police, ND Prasad was mentally stressed due to domestic disputes and was also a victim of domestic violence. The actor’s wife was also living separately from him for the last few months. A few days before his death, he was feeling very depressed. The police also informed that the actor was also accused of doing some serious legal work such as the allegation of possessing drugs. The Excise department had arrested him on this charge last year, when 2.5 grams of hashish oil, 15 grams of ganja and a pistol were also recovered from the actor.

Talking about the work front, the actor has appeared in films like ‘Iba’ and ‘Karmani’. In the film ‘Action Hero Biju’ released in the year 2016, ND Prasad played the character of Villain, which was very much discussed.



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