Woman Ran Away With Her Son In Law In Punjab



A 40-year-old woman from a village in Punjab’s Kapurthala district moved away with her son-in-law. Only three months had passed since the daughter’s marriage. Five days ago, the son-in-law had come to the in-laws’ house, who fled with the mother-in-law.

The newly married mother and brother-in-law have given a complaint against their brother at Purana Shala police station in Gurdaspur. According to the information, a girl resident of a village in Kapurthala district was married to a young man from a village in Gurdaspur.

The newly married and her brother-in-law told the police that the absconding youth was trying to go abroad. Because of this, he used to go out many times with his mother-in-law. During this, the love affair between mother-in-law and son-in-law intensified.

He came to know about this when the young man came to his in-laws’ house five days ago and on the pretext of getting a passport, fled somewhere along with his mother-in-law. Even after searching all the relatives and other possible places, there is no trace of both of them.

The 40-year-old woman also has five children. In-charge of Thana Purana Shala, Harminder Singh confirmed the complaint and said that the said matter has come to his notice. The search is on for the absconding mother-in-law and son-in-law. Both will be caught soon.



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