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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced his resignation on Thursday. After protests against him in the Conservative Party and the massive resignations of ministers, it was clear that support for him in the party had waned.

In the press conference after the announcement of his resignation, Johnson said that it was the party’s wish that now another leader should sit in the prime minister’s chair. With this announcement, now the question arises that who can be the next Prime Minister of Britain? How will the new PM be elected? Let’s know…

1. By what process will Boris Johnson’s successor be found?

After the resignation of Boris Johnson, the process of choosing a new prime minister in the Conservative Party has been predetermined by a committee named ‘1922 Committee’. According to this…

MPs have to put forward their names for the prime ministerial candidature. However, any leader can stake claim for the post only if he already has the support of at least two MPs. In such a situation, the number of candidates can be very high.

After this, the Conservative Party gets votes from party MPs in different rounds depending on the number of claimants. The contenders with fewer votes are eliminated one by one. Each time MPs are asked to vote for their favorite face through secret ballot.

This process continues until only two candidates are left for the post of Prime Minister. Voting for these contenders is usually held on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

In the end, a large section of the Conservative Party votes to elect both contenders. Apart from MPs, other members of the party are also involved in this. That is, voting is also done for the last two claimants through postal ballot.

– Whoever wins in these two candidates will be the leader of the Conservative Party with a majority in the lower house of the British Parliament – the House of Commons – and will be made the new Prime Minister.

How long can the process take?

Since this race for the post of Prime Minister is held in one party only and many people can participate in this race. In such a situation, it may take a long time for the party to choose a new Prime Minister. However, sometimes it is easy to choose a new PM as there are not many contenders.

For example, Theresa May was appointed prime minister in 2016, less than three weeks after Conservative Party leader David Cameron resigned. This was because most of the candidates against Theresa withdrew.

On the other hand, after the resignation of Theresa May in May 2019, when Boris Johnson put forward a claim for the post of PM, party leader Jeremy Hunt challenged him. Apart from these two, many other contenders had also appeared in the party. Due to this, two months after the resignation of Theresa May, the party was able to get a new leader in the House of Commons and the country a new prime minister.

Who is the prime ministerial candidate?

Along with Britain, the whole world is watching as to whom the Conservative Party can hand over the post of PM after Boris Johnson. There are believed to be six names in this race. Among the contenders whose names are being discussed under the prescribed process, Rishi Sunak of Indian origin is considered to be at the forefront. Let’s know about these 6 names…

1. Rishi Sunak – Former Finance Minister

Rishi Sunak had an important role in Johnson’s election campaign. He was mostly seen during the press briefing. Rishi took part in many TV debates in place of Boris. Some things go in his favor, such as, during Corona, he started a program to get the country out of recession. In 2020, 15 thousand crores was given to the hotel industry through the Eat Out to Help scheme. Even during the wave of Corona, gave a big package of 10 thousand crores to the country.

Sunak is married to Akshata, daughter of Infosys co-founder Narayan Murthy. In 2015, he became an MP for the first time. By strongly supporting Brexit, he became powerful in his party. He strongly supported Boris Johnson’s policy of leaving Britain out of the European Union. Despite the popularity, Sunak also faced criticism due to the allegations of tax evasion against wife Akshata.

2. Liz Truss – Foreign Minister

The full name of 46-year-old Liz Truss is Elizabeth Mary Truss and she is the MP of South West Northfolk. Liz is the Foreign Commonwealth and Development Affairs Secretary. He is quite popular in the country at the moment. Liz Truss has also been International Trade Secretary for two years. Last year, he was entrusted with the important task of negotiating with the European Union. In this way, his claim on the post of PM is also very strong.



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