Convert Your Cars Into Ev By Retrofitting Delhi Government To Launch Portal Soon



You can save lakhs of rupees by converting old diesel, petrol or CNG vehicles to electric. Retrofitment for vehicles can save thousands of vehicle owners from scrapping old vehicles instead of buying new electric vehicles. In about 40 percent of the expenditure, old vehicles can be converted into e-vehicles and can be filled. Since the retrofitment process is in its early stages, people are currently a little hesitant to spend on this item. Retrofitting is expected to give a new impetus to the government’s efforts towards making Delhi the EV capital.

The Delhi government had launched a new EV policy in 2020. Under this, financial incentives are being given to electric vehicles. Under this, private vehicles including electric two-wheelers, autos, taxis, cabs, e-rickshaws can also get new speed. After the increase in the number of e-vehicles in Delhi, e-vehicles account for more than nine per cent of the total vehicles. The Delhi government has given this responsibility to 11 retrofitting agencies, but there are still only a few on the ground. A separate portal will be started by the Transport Department to convert vehicles into electric vehicles afresh. It will contain details of the agency and the companies doing the retrofitting of the vehicles. This will facilitate the conversion of old vehicles into new e-vehicles.

Old vehicles will be given the shape of a new e-car or e-bike after installing the kit of the authorized agency or company. With this, vehicles will be saved from getting junk and vehicles will be able to run on pollution free fuel. Retrofitting will allow you to use your favorite vehicles for less than half the cost while reducing pollution. However, an expenditure of four to five lakhs is being expected on this. It is possible that in the coming days, if the expenditure on retrofitting is reduced, then the number of people using it will increase.

An expert from the Center for Science said that companies retrofit according to different car and two-wheeler models. It costs 40 to 50 percent. But due to the continuous incentives from the governments for electric vehicles, in the coming days it will be the era of e-vehicles.

what is retrofitting

Retrofitting is the process of inserting new equipment into an old machine or vehicle. Its purpose is to prolong the lifespan of older products. In other words, through retrofitting, new life is given to any equipment or product by modifying it. By increasing its life, old machines or vehicles are made fit for reuse according to the need at relatively low cost. Provision has been made in the EV policy to provide the facility of retrofitting to convert CNG, diesel or petrol vehicles to electric.



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