Ujjain News: Police Complaint Against Film Actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s Wife Alia For Cheating Of Lakhs Of Rupees



A complaint of cheating has surfaced against Aaliya, wife of film actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui. This is a case related to the shooting of the film Holi Cow in Badnagar, whose complaint has been filed by the creative producer of Ujjain for fraud of Rs 31 lakh. The film was shot in Badnagar, Ujjain. It stars Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Sanjay Mishra in the lead roles. The director is Sai Kabir. This is a comedy film. It is based on the story of the disappearance of a cow.

According to the information, Sunil Garhwal, the proprietor of Rudraksh Film and Multi Media, a resident of Rishi Nagar, Ujjain, has applied at the Badnagar police station. In this, he has accused Alia Siddiqui, wife of film artist Nawazuddin Siddiqui, of cheating of Rs 31 lakh and demanded registration of a case. Sunil Garhwal told that Alia Siddiqui had met through Mumbai resident sister Manju Garhwal. During this, he told the plan to make a film called Holy Cow, on which we went ahead and in the year 2019, between February and March, the shooting of the film was started in Badnagar. After the shooting of the film for about 20 days, after spending a total of Rs 53 lakh, when Alia Siddiqui was asked to return the amount, Alia returned Rs 22 lakh but even after three years, Rs 31 lakh is not yet have returned. After repeatedly saying that, now Alia has stopped even picking up the phone.

Sunil told that when he did not return the amount even after asking for the amount several times, we complained about it to the Cine Employees Federation, as well as presented a copy of the check and agreement given by Alia. Many times the Employee Federation tried to ask for his answer but Alia did not respond. The Cine Employees Federation allowed us to talk legally. After which we have made a complaint in Badnagar police station.

Manju told that the production of Holy Cow started three and a half years ago. When the crew reached the set, the financiers of the film backed out. In such a situation, I talked to other financiers to finance the film. If that didn’t happen, Aaliya took money from my family members. It said it would return in two weeks. A total of 53 lakhs was due in which Alia returned Rs 22 lakhs. 33 lakh is still pending, which I have not received till now. Along with me, the film’s crew members also owe 7 lakhs. I have all the evidence.



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