Dilip Kumar Death Anniversary: ​​Actor Was Rejected For Mughal E Azam Movie For This Reason Later He Was Signed



Today is the first death anniversary of late actor Dilip Kumar. He made a huge contribution to Hindi cinema. He worked in many great films. One of these films is ‘Mughal-e-Azam’. It is a classic film of Hindi cinema. Money was spent like water in making it. Dilip Kumar played the role of Prince Salim in the film and did a lot. Released in the year 1960, this film was directed by K. While Asif watered with his blood and sweat, the rest of the cast including Dilip Kumar also left no stone unturned to make the film better. This is the reason that even today when Salim’s name is taken, only the face of Dilip Kumar of Mughal-e-Azam comes to the fore. But the surprising thing is that K. Asif could not immediately agree on the name of Dilip Kumar for the role of Salim in the film. For the first time, he had refused to take Dilip Sahab.

That was the initial phase of Dilip Kumar’s film career. His first film ‘Jwar Bhata’ (1944) was a flop. Dilip Kumar could not leave any special impression of his acting. However, even after this, he was not completely rejected by the audience and producer-directors. There was something in Dilip Kumar’s style that people respected him. One of them was K.Asif. In Dilip Kumar’s autobiography ‘Dilip Kumar – The Substance and the Shadow’, K Asif’s first wife and actress Sitara Devi has mentioned about this, ‘K. Asif had heard about the handsome actor Dilip Kumar. Said one day, let me see this once too. However, till that time Sapru was in his mind for the role of Salim. But, he thought there was no harm in even thinking about a new actor. When Dilip bhai came and sat in our drawing room, for a moment I felt myself speechless. Glittering hair and noor glow on the face. In the sense, there was nafasat. Seeing him, one could say that he is a special thing, which is under the shadow of Allah.’

He further said, ‘After this there was some conversation between Asif and Dilip Kumar. Then Dilip Kumar he left. There is no doubt that without being influenced by Dilip Kumar. Asif was not there. But, he thought that Dilip Kumar is very thin and in the role of Salim, the same actor will suit, who has the flair of Mughal princes. After this K. Asif said such a thing which later proved to be true and Dilip Kumar got this role.

Of. Asif abandoned the idea of ​​Dilip Kumar for the role of Salim and said, ‘It is possible that after ten years when I write the script again on this story of Salim-Anarkali’s love, then maybe I will choose Dilip Kumar for the role of Salim. . Shahana Shaan is present in him, but he is not ready for this role yet. However, after this meeting, K. Asif got acquainted with Dilip Kumar. Meanwhile K. Asif took Sapru for the role of Salim. But, incidentally, that film never got made. When it was made, it was Dilip Kumar who played the role of Salim. Years later, but it was only in the destinies of Dilip Kumar to write that role.



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