As Boris Johnson Agrees To Resign Know About The Scandals Which Led His Downfall Conservative Party Mps Against Him Explained News



British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has resigned amid political turmoil. It is told that he took this decision after increasing opposition in the Conservative Party and the resignation of fellow ministers. In the last two days, 40 ministers had resigned from his cabinet. At the same time, leaders close to Johnson had also conveyed the message to him to step down. After this, on Thursday, he agreed to leave the post of PM.

In such a situation, it is important to know that what were the reasons, due to which Boris Johnson was forced to resign from the post of Prime Minister? Who are Johnson’s colleagues who advised him to step down? And why did the case involving a close aide of Johnson only add to their troubles?

What were the allegations against Johnson?

Know first- the controversies in which Boris Johnson got involved?

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been in power for the last three years. He had strengthened his claim for the post after a landslide victory in December 2019. However, his entire tenure was full of scandal and criticism for his own party. However, there were mainly two such scandals, which ended his innings as Prime Minister.

1. Partygate Scandal

The coronavirus pandemic has been one of the toughest times in Britain. During this, the government imposed many strict restrictions including lockdown. Due to this the people had to face many difficulties. However, during this difficult time, a report came out, which claimed that some ministers and officials of the Johnson government were having alcohol parties when the general public was battling Corona and restrictions. That too not in any ordinary club or stealth, but at the Downing Street residence of Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Johnson consistently denied these allegations and said that no lockdown rules were broken by him or his party leaders. However, on 25 May this year, the report filed by the Inquiry Committee of Civil Servant Sue Grey, it became clear that during the most difficult times of Corona, the ministers of the British Government were partying by ignoring the rules. In this report, photographs and information of 16 parties were given between May 2020 and April 2021. It was also said that PM Boris Johnson himself was involved in at least six of these illegal parties.

This was a complete violation of the Kovid guidelines during that time. Because then there was a ban on meeting people, far away from visiting them. Even in the event of someone’s death, there were many restrictions on the number of people gathered. People could not even go to the hospital to meet the victims.

The day after this report came out, Johnson publicly apologized and told Parliament that he himself was responsible for these mistakes. In this case, on June 29, Parliament ordered that it will get an inquiry committee to find out whether Johnson had previously lied on these allegations.

2. Decreasing support in the party

There was also an allegation against Johnson that his popularity among Conservative Party MPs was decreasing significantly. It was only after the Partygate scandal that when there was talk of removing Johnson from the post of Prime Minister in the Conservative Party, he had to face a no-confidence motion. Under UK rules, the party there can also bring a no-confidence motion to remove the prime minister. When party lawmakers voted on this proposal, it was revealed that 211 of the 359 lawmakers supported Johnson to remain prime minister. At the same time, 148 MPs (ie about 41 percent) were against his PM post.

In this way, Johnson’s post was saved due to the failure of the no-confidence motion, but it was also decided that four of the 10 party MPs were against him. The next no-confidence motion against Johnson could not be brought for 12 months under Conservative rules, but another scandal in the party took a toll on his image. The scandal was linked to Johnson’s close leader Christopher Pincher.



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