Kanpur Double Murder Case Daughter Had A Physical Relationship With Lover Before Killing The Parents – Kanpur Double Murder:



The police arrested Rohit Uttam, accused of slitting his throat and killing Munna Lal Uttam (60) and his wife Rajdevi (55) in the EWS Colony of Barra-2, Kanpur on Monday night. took. Rohit, the accused arrested in the murder case, has made many shocking revelations. After the statement of accused Rohit, the officials are also in a tizzy. Rohit’s brother Rahul Uttam was also involved in the conspiracy, who is an assistant ambulance operator in Military Intelligence and is posted in Goa. The couple’s adopted daughter, the killer, Komal, had a love affair with both the brothers. The police has left for Goa and its headquarters in Mumbai in search of Rahul. On Wednesday, Rohit and Komal were sent to jail by the police. Police commissioner Vijay Singh Meena said that the adopted daughter Komal alias Akanksha had originally killed the couple along with boyfriend Rohit Uttam, resident of Bakewar police station area of ​​Etawah (currently Barra Karrahi).

During interrogation of both, it came to light that Komal’s love affair is also with Rohit’s brother Rahul. All three had conspired to murder in the greed of property. Rahul is posted in Military Intelligence. The team has left for his arrest.

First lover Rahul, second Rohit

Police investigation revealed that Komal and Rahul and Rohit are relatives among themselves. These two are close relatives of Komal’s aunt, so they were known for years. First, Rahul became Komal’s lover, then he had a relationship with Rohit. Rohit used to run an e-rickshaw in the city. Along with her, Komal used to go for a walk, which the couple opposed.

Komal had sown the seed of greed

Komal had told both the lovers about the property of the step-parents, in which she had given information about two houses, two plots, a shop and four bighas of cultivation. Since then the greed of property had come in the mind of both the brothers.

Here, Komal’s hatred towards her parents increased due to opposition to love affairs. About four months ago, Komal and Rahul hatched a conspiracy to kill Munna Lal and Rajdevi. The incident was done through brother Rohit.



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