Bollywood Singer Shweta Pandit Birthday She Had Accused Musician Anu Malik Of Harassment



Shweta Pandit, who made a place in the hearts of people with her thumping voice, is celebrating her 36th birthday today. He has given more than one famous song to Bollywood. Shweta has lent her voice to Bollywood songs for many big musicians including AR Rahman. He has sung songs like Pare Mein Bandhan, Ishq Khudai, Halla Re, Tera Sarapa, Chhore Ki Baatein, Do Dhari Talwar. Shweta came into the limelight when she accused singer Anu Malik of sexual abuse. Today we are going to tell you about this.

Music composer Anu Malik was made serious allegations by a singer. Singer Shweta Pandit said that Anu Malik had sexually harassed her when she went to school. And all this happened when she used to call him Anu Uncle. According to Shweta, she had been in trauma for years because of Anu Malik. Shweta had tweeted and wrote – I was launched as a lead singer from Mohabbatein. After the song became a hit, I was looking for work. Then I got a call from Anu Malik’s manager.

Shweta further wrote – I was called to Empire Studio by phone. There I went with my mother. Anu Malik was recording the song with Shaan and Sunidhi Chauhan. When he came after the recording, he asked me to sing something. I sang the song of Har Dil Jo Pyaar Karega. He liked my voice a lot. Then Anu Malik told me – I will give you a chance to sing a song with Sunidhi and Shaan, but first you have to do a kiss on my cheek. Shweta told that after this my body became numb.

Shweta said that then she was only 15 years old and used to go to school. She used to call him Anu Uncle. Shweta had told that she could not even tell this thing at her house. For months she was in depression and kept crying. He had also decided to leave the industry. Although Shweta did not leave the industry, it took her a long time to recover from this.



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