R Madhavan Rocketry The Nambi Effect Box Office Collection In Hindi Tamil Telugu Language – Rocketry: Rocketry doing success like Kashmir files, know how much collection in different languages



Sometimes the story of the movies compels them to go to see. Sometime back we saw this with The Kashmir Files and now the same success is happening with R Madhavan’s Rocketry: The Nambi Effect. Actually, this film is winning the hearts of the audience as well as the critics. Also, it is doing strong performance at the box office. Actually, the film has benefited a lot from word of mouth, due to which its collection is continuously improving. Apart from Tamil, Telugu and Kannada languages, the film is also being liked a lot in the Hindi belt. Madhavan has played the lead role in this film. Also, directed the film.

won hearts of Hindi audience

The film ‘Rocketry’ was Madhavan’s dream project, for which he worked hard. In this film, Madhavan tried to show those aspects related to the life of famous scientist Nambi Narayanan, which most people did not even know about. Hindi audience is very much liking this film. The film was able to earn only Rs 72 lakh on the opening day, but its collection is improving. In the first weekend, the film earned a total of Rs 3.67 crore, while in Hindi language only so far it has collected a total of Rs 4.50 crore.

doing well in tamil language

This pan India film is also being liked by Tamil speaking people. Many people in Tamil Nadu did not know the things they should have known about the life of scientist Nambi Narayanan. Madhavan won their hearts by presenting this unheard story to the people. The film has also received good response in Tamil language. The film collected 0.45 crores on Tuesday. At the same time, this film has so far earned Rs 4.32 crore in this language.

So far earning in telugu

In Telugu language too, this film has been successful in touching the hearts of the people. Released on limited screens, the film has collected Rs 21 lakh so far. With the positive response received by the film, it is expected that in the second weekend, there can be a jump in the collection of the film.



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