Said- 6 months ago expressed the possibility of terrorist attack in Udaipur. Abhinav Pandya, former security advisor On kanhaiyalal Murder Case, Udaipur latest news update



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Abhinav Pandya has been the security advisor to Sapatal Mallick, the Governor of Jammu and Kashmir.

Abhinav Pandya, who was the security advisor to former Jammu and Kashmir Governor Satpal Mallick, stayed in Udaipur on Wednesday. During this, he told in a conversation with Bhaskar that 6 months ago, there was a possibility of terrorist attack in Udaipur. In the interview, he had talked about tourism city Udaipur to be a soft target of terrorists. Speaking about the Kanhaiyalal incident, Pandya said that there is great negligence on the part of the police and especially the intelligence officers in the whole case. Had both of them done their job properly, such an incident could have been avoided.

Pandya said that many international terrorist organizations have been trying to make their inroads for a long time. Udaipur fits perfect in this frame work. The whole economy runs here in terms of tourism. The security arrangements in Udaipur are not like that. Which is in Kashmir or Delhi. Metropolis is always on the radar of intelligence.

Pandya said that the Kanhaiyalal murder case is completely a case of ISIS type killing. ISIS uploaded more than 2400 videos between 2015 and 2020. In them, those people are slitting their necks. He said that the motive behind this attack is to influence the people on a large scale. So that the youth themselves get motivated and start carrying out such incidents.

Sleeper cell claimed to be active in Udaipur

Pandya claimed that the sleeper cell is active in Udaipur. If Kanhaiyalal’s case is seen, in 2014 both Riyaz and Ghaus went to Pakistan. He came in contact with many people. After that those people were in contact with many people. Along with the association of Dawat-e-Islami, these people were also running their network in Kanpur. This group has clear international links. The activity of PFI is spreading all over Rajasthan. While the links of PFI are with ISIS.

Abhinav Pandya stayed in Udaipur on Wednesday.

Abhinav Pandya stayed in Udaipur on Wednesday.

Pandya told that this type of attack is called Lone Fool Attack. In this type of attack, the person himself gets affected and does this. Or sometimes in a group of 5-6 people. This attack is a big challenge for the highly developed country. It is very difficult for big agencies to deal with it.

The awareness of Rajasthan Police in these matters is very less. Training skills are very important. Things like this have never been taken care of before. Pandya said that the intelligence officers were constantly in touch there by staying alert all the way. Go and sit with them. If he had joined his arguments, he would have come in communication with the boys of a group like Riyaz. Slowly, perhaps, if there was friendship, he would also share his point of view. He would also add them to some such WhatsApp groups.

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