French Actress Judith Chemla Victim Of Domestic Violence Abuse, See Her Injuries Photo



Judith Chemla Domestic Abuse: The series of domestic violence cases of film stars is only increasing. Now the next name in this episode comes from French actress Judith Chemla. Recently, Judith Kemla has shared some heart-wrenching pictures of domestic violence with her on social media. Not only this, Judith Kemla has also told how her ex-partner used to beat and beat her.

Judith Kemla described the pain of domestic violence like this

Actually, the pictures that Judith Kemla has shared on her official Instagram handle are from last year. In such a situation, now Judith Kemla has revealed that she has been a victim of domestic violence. Judith Kemla has written in this post that – I have been beaten up a lot through my ex. These pictures are a witness to that violence of his. This is the third time this has happened to me in a year. Should I go to the police for the third time? Now I will clearly take strict legal action against him and he will now be a criminal in front of my daughter. Although Judith Kemla has not revealed the name of her ex in this post.

See the injury marks in these pictures of Judith Kemla

After seeing the pictures that Judith Chemla shared on social media, your soul will tremble. In these photos of Judith Kemla, you can easily see how much there are bruises on her face. One can be horrified to see a face cut, swollen eyes and a face soaked in blood. In such a situation, it can be easily guessed that to what extent his ex has misbehaved with the actress.

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