Man In Underwear And Suit Wandering In Ayodhya To Convince His Wife Ayodhya Boy Viral Video



A young man is in the headlines for his strange clothes in Ayodhya. Wearing a turban, coat-tie on his head, when he went out on the road, people’s eyes fell on his legs. Instead of pants with a coat-tie, he was wearing only blue underwear. People were surprised to see this strange dress. Even more surprising was the thing on his back. Knowing the reason, people laughed as well as expressed sympathy towards him. However, some people say that this young man is only doing publicity stunts so that he can earn money through social media by becoming famous. The youth has been identified as Bansilal Yadav son Sadhu Yadav resident of Senpur Ambedkar Nagar.

On Wednesday, a youth, identified as Bansilal, walked out on the streets of Ayodhya dressed as a groom. Her dress astonished everyone. With a turban and coat-tie on his head, he was wearing blue underwear instead of pants.

When people asked the reason for this, he told that his wife does not live with him, so he is roaming in the city in this dress.

The young man has also put a poster of his wife leaving on his back. Many people also talked to him on this strange behavior of the young man.

Some people believe that the motive of the young man is to earn money by putting videos on Facebook and YouTube. However, the truth of the matter is yet to be known.



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