Two Hindu Were Killed By Muslim, Many Riots, Know What Happened In 40 Days After the Comment On Prophet Mohammad By Nupur Sharma? – Nupur Sharma: Two were slit with their throats, violence in a dozen cities, what happened in 40 days after Nupur’s statement?



It’s May 16th. The survey of Gyanvapi campus of Varanasi was done on the orders of the court. In this survey, which lasted for two days, every corner of the Gyanvapi Masjid was seen. During this, the Hindu side claimed to have found a Shivling in the mosque. The Muslim side kept calling it a fountain.

A debate broke out across the country regarding this. Nupur joined a TV channel on 26 May as a BJP spokesperson. During this, Nupur commented on Mohammad Sahab by referring to the Quran. On which the dispute started. The controversy over this continues till now. Whereas 40 days have passed since Nupur’s statement.

Let us know what happened in this dispute in these 40 days? How many people were killed? How many riots happened? How many cases were registered against Nupur Sharma? Why has Nupur not been arrested yet?

26 May : In the live debate of the TV channel, Nupur Sharma on behalf of the BJP commented on Prophet Mohammad. After which the ruckus started.

May 27 : Alt News’s Mohammad Zubair took a jibe at Nupur by tweeting an excerpt from the TV debate. The controversy started only after this video.

28 May : Nupur Sharma started receiving death threats only after Zubair shared the video. He was being threatened through phone, message. Nupur complained about this to the police.

02 June : The first case was registered against Nupur Sharma in Mumbai. Since then, more than 15 FIRs have been registered against Nupur Sharma in six states.

03 June : Demonstration has been organized against Nupur after Friday prayers in Kanpur. Violence broke out during the demonstration. Stones were pelted at police and shops. More than a dozen people were injured in this.



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