Know About Reason Behind Punjab Cm Bhagwant Mann’s Divorce – Bhagwant Mann Marriage: Why Bhagwant Mann had to separate from his first wife? Where does the family live now, know everything



Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann will tie the knot for the second time. On Thursday, he will marry Dr Gurpreet Kaur in Chandigarh. The wedding ceremony will be held at his residence. Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal will also attend the occasion. Bhagwant Mann first married Inderpreet Kaur. She now lives in America with her two children. Let us know why CM Bhagwant Mann had to take divorce.

When Bhagwant Mann was sworn in as Chief Minister in Khatkarkalan, the village of Shaheed Bhagat Singh, there was a lot of discussion about the two faces. These two faces were the son and daughter of Bhagwat Mann. Both had arrived from America for the swearing-in ceremony. Both had met after seven years with father Bhagwant Mann.

Bhagwant Mann’s son Dilshan Mann is 17 years old and daughter Seerat Kaur Mann is 21 years old. Both live in America with their mother Inderpreet Kaur. Bhagwant Mann and Inderpreet Kaur got divorced in 2015. Since then Inderpreet Kaur lives in America with her two children. Earlier in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, Bhagwat Mann had won from Sangrur on an Aam Aadmi Party ticket.

When Bhagwant Mann had decided to contest the Lok Sabha elections for the first time, his first wife also supported him. He also held several rallies in his Lok Sabha constituency. Inderpreet’s effective speeches were discussed a lot during the election campaign. In that era, it was even said that if AAP gives Indrapreet a ticket in the assembly elections, then she can easily win the election.

Filed divorce petition after one year of becoming an MP

On 20 March 2015, Bhagwant Mann and Inderpreet Kaur had filed for divorce by mutual consent in the court. Mann’s argument in this application was that he is getting divorced from his wife due to politics. People have chosen him by faith. According to reports, in the application given in the court, the wife of Bhagwant Mann had put a condition that if Mann leaves India and shifts to California, then she will withdraw the divorce application. On the other hand, Mann did not want to leave politics and go abroad. Mann’s argument was that he could not break the trust of the people. If his wife wants to settle with him in India, he will withdraw the divorce application.

Bhagwant Mann also shared the reason for his divorce on his Facebook page. In this, he wrote, ‘What was hanging from the time has been resolved, the court’s decision, it has become yesterday, Ek Paase Parivar, Duje Paase Si Punjab, Main To Yaaro Apne Punjab Val Ho Gaye.’ Bhagwant Mann’s stature in politics has increased. Mann became a Lok Sabha MP for the second time in 2019. Now the 25th Chief Minister of Punjab has become. Even after this, the pain of family’s separation is still in his heart. During an interview, he had said that I lost my children and family because of politics. He is now a US citizen.



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