Who Is Bisexual FilmMaker Leena Manimekalai The Director Of Kaali Know Everything About Her



Who Is Leena Manimekalai : Filmmaker Leena Manimekalai’s name has suddenly come into the limelight all over the country. Rather, suddenly the discussion of this name has started even abroad, the reason is the poster of Leena Manimekalai’s documentary film ‘Kali’, which has created a ruckus in the country. The way Maa Kali is depicted in this poster, people are going through exasperation and people are fiercely opposing Leena Manimekalai and the poster of her film. In fact, in the poster of Kali, mother Kali is shown smoking a cigarette with great passion and in one hand she has raised the flag of the LGBTQ community. Because of this people are expressing their anger about Leena Manimekalai. By the way, by now you must have read something about the film and poster, so let us tell you about Leena Manimekalai whose poster has created a ruckus.

Divorced from husband… told the truth of being bisexual…
Leena was born in Madurai, Tamil Nadu. Belonging to the farmer family, at the age of 18, inter caste and inter religious marriage was done. But Leena soon broke the marriage and got divorced and separated from her husband. Leena then revealed her identity that she is bisexual.

There was protest on this film too…
Leena’s father was a Tamil professor, she used to attend film societies with her father. His father wrote a thesis on veteran filmmaker Tamil director P Bharathiraja. After the death of her father, Leena worked for a few years in an IT firm in Bangalore. Then leaving the job, took the path of film making and directed his first documentary Mahatma (Mathamma) in the year 2002. After this Leena made many more documentary films like Parai, this film was on violence against Dalit women. Leena had to face heavy opposition for this film as well.

The censor board did not approve the release of the film…
After this, Leena made many more documentaries, but in the year 2011, she had to face trouble again with ‘Sendgal’. ‘Sendgal’ was made on the fishermen stranded between India and Sri Lanka. The film showed how the ethnic war in Sri Lanka affected the lives of fishermen in Dhanushkodi. The Censor Board initially refused a clearance certificate to the film, saying it made derogatory political remarks about the governments of Sri Lanka and India, and used unparliamentary words. Although Lena fought the case for several months and finally approved the film’s release without any cuts in July 2011, White Van Stories, Is it too much to Ask is one of Lena’s best-known documentaries.



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