Husband Wife And Eight Year Daughter Dead Bodies Found Hanging In The Room In Agra



The people of the locality are shocked by the death of Sonu, his wife Geeta and eight-year-old daughter Srishti, living in Sector 10 of Agra’s Awas Vikas Colony. Now 10 years old son Shyam is left in the house. The police is treating the couple’s death as suicide, but the question is that if Sonu and Geeta have committed suicide, then how did the daughter die? The bodies of the three were found hanging in the house on Wednesday morning. Police have sent the bodies for post-mortem. Investigating.

Family members told that Sonu had fallen in love with Geeta, a resident of Sector-12 of Awas Vikas Colony, 15 years ago. After that both of them left the house. He had done love marriage. Sonu and Geeta lived in Haridwar. Sonu used to work in a factory.

Sonu’s mother told that the son had an accident six years ago. There was a shoulder injury. Since then I could not lift weight. Because of this, he had brought him to his house. Got him treated too. After recovering, he started working at his father’s truck body making shop.

Sonu stopped working after two years of lockdown. He lived at home. Parents lived on the ground floor, his brother on the first floor and Sonu’s family lived in the house on the second floor. Her children’s education was also left out for not working. Whatever the cost was, it was only the parents who used to bear it. All the expenses were covered by ration.

Mother says that on Tuesday evening at 7:00, daughter Srishti came downstairs. She took the milk. After that no one came down. On Wednesday morning at 7:00, son Shyam came downstairs. Then Bua Binu came.

Asked him to get some stuff from above, but he was not going. When asked on this, he said that all are hanging. Then the family came to know about the incident. The family members cried seeing the dead bodies that reached upstairs.



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