Kanpur Double Murder Case Daughter Kills Parents With Lover For Property Of Crores News In Hindi



In Kanpur’s Barra-2 EWS Colony, late on Monday night, the adopted daughter, along with her lover, killed her parents by slitting their throats. After committing the crime, misguiding his brother and the police, accused unknown youths of murder. On the basis of the evidence, when the police interrogated him on Tuesday afternoon, he came to know about the truth late in the evening. The police claim that the parents were killed to grab the property. Originally a resident of Prempur village of Sarsaul, Munna Lal Uttam (60), wife Rajdevi (55) lived in Barra two EWS colony with 26-year-old son Anoop and adopted daughter Komal (24). Six months ago, he retired as the Security Supervisor of the Field Gun Factory, Vijay Nagar. According to the police, between one and two o’clock on Monday night, Komal opened the door and got her boyfriend Rohit inside the house.

Together they beat up Munna Lal and Rajedvi and then slit their throats. After that Rohit left from there. About ten minutes after Rohit left, Komal informed brother Anoop, who was sleeping on the first floor, about the murder of his parents. Then Anoop called the police.

Poison was mixed in brother’s juice

According to Anoop, at around 2.30 pm, the sister reached him screaming and told that three people had entered the house, who killed the parents.

Anoop informed the police through neighbor Vivek. During this his head was feeling heavy. Komal told the police that in the night he had mixed poison in his brother’s juice too but he survived.

Report was lodged on brother’s in-laws

Komal also tried hard to mislead the police. After the incident, he blamed the brothers of Anoop’s wife for murder. The police also registered a named report on two on a hurried basis. He did this because there is a dispute between Anoop and his wife. The police will now remove their names from the FIR.



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