Vice Presidential Election: Opposition Made A New Strategy For The Vice Presidential Election, Know Who Can Become The Candidate? – Vice President Election: The opposition has made a new strategy for the Vice Presidential election, know who can become the candidate?



The process of nomination for the Vice Presidential election has started. July 19 is the last date for nominations. Voting will be held on August 6. The results will also come only on August 6. With this, the discussion about the names of candidates in NDA and UPA has intensified. Speculations are rife that like Draupadi Murmu, the BJP can surprise everyone with the name of the Vice Presidential candidate.

At the same time, the opposition has also started preparing a strategy to field a strong candidate this time. The opposition has made a special strategy for the Vice Presidential election. Let us know what is the strategy of the opposition? Which names are being discussed in the opposition this time? How is the Vice President elected?

First know what is the strategy of the opposition?

Like the BJP, the opposition has also started preparing a strategy for the post of Vice President. A veteran Congress leader, on the condition of anonymity, says, “This time for the Vice Presidential election, the Congress will lead the opposition.” TMC had started in the presidential election. During that time there were many difficulties in selecting candidates and uniting the opposition parties. Now a strategy is being made to ensure that this does not happen in the Vice Presidential election.

The Congress leader further says, ‘This time we will select the candidate by sitting all the opposition parties together. Last time many parties were not invited by TMC to the meeting. Its displeasure was also expressed by the parties. This time he will not repeat the mistake. This time we will take the smallest opposition party along. Will take their opinion and then decide the candidate for Vice President.

So who can be the candidate?

Political analyst Prof. Ajay Singh says, ‘Opposition is quite scattered right now. In such a situation, bringing all the parties together will be a big challenge for the Congress. Yes, according to the strategy of the Congress, this time a famous face of South Indian or North East can be proposed for the post of Vice President. This is because Yashwant Sinha, the presidential candidate, is from Bihar. In such a situation, Congress and other opposition parties would not want to take the risk by making someone from North India the candidate for the Vice President. Congress would also like that the name of the Vice-President’s candidate should be agreed upon by all the opposition parties. Which could not happen in the presidential election.

Pro. Ajay further says, ‘Opposition’s presidential candidate was not supported by opposition parties like BJD, YSR Congress, Shiromani Akali Dal, BSP, JDS. All these parties have announced to support NDA’s candidate Draupadi Murmu. In such a situation, it will be a big challenge for the Congress to unite these parties again in the opposition. Apart from this, the stand of JMM, Aam Aadmi Party, Telugu Desam Party has not been cleared yet. These can also give support to the NDA candidate. So the Congress would like to bring these parties back with them as well for the Vice Presidential candidate.

Which names are discussed?

A Congress national level leader says, “The discussion has not started on any name in the party yet. Yes, it is necessary that a list of some eminent personalities is being prepared. These include senior leaders, former judges, eminent economists etc. Names are also being sought from other parties involved in the opposition, so that when the meeting is held, everyone can be discussed. Congress leaders further state that the party will take some decision only after considering the region, caste, religion and personal image of the potential candidate.

What is the preparation of BJP?

We contacted a BJP national level leader to understand the BJP’s strategy for its Vice Presidential candidate. “It is clear that the candidate of the Vice President will be from any state in North, West or Northeast India,” he said.

He said that the churning is going on on different names of these states. There has never been a woman Vice President in the history of the country. It is possible that this time history will be made. If this happens then it will be a new record. This will be the first time that both the President and the Vice President will be a woman in the country.

Political analyst Prof. Ajay says that apart from any woman from the BJP, possible names of Sikh, Muslim, OBC or general category are also being discussed. Apart from this, anyone from North East can also be made a candidate.



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