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11:18 AM, 06-Jul-2022

Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has appealed to all the voters to cast their votes with great enthusiasm. He said on social media that the biggest donation in a democratic system is voting. Today is the first phase of voting for the urban body elections of Madhya Pradesh. I request all the voters that they must exercise their franchise and participate in the development of their city.

Home Minister Narottam Mishra also said that the first phase of polling has started for the urban body elections in the state. It is an appeal to the godlike people of the state that if voting is taking place in your city today, then you should also boldly donate your vote to form the city government and contribute in strengthening democracy.

BJP national general secretary Kailash Vijayvargiya claimed that Indore would witness unprecedented polling even after heavy rains. He said that voting first and then work again! Today Indore will vote to determine its future. The conditions are opposite, the Meteorological Department has warned of heavy rain in Indore. I am sure Indoreites will vote in large numbers even in heavy rains.

11:10 AM, 06-Jul-2022

In Indore, Corporation Commissioner Pratibha Pal and Collector Manish Singh voted with their families.
– Photo : Amar Ujala

Indore Corporation Commissioner Pratibha Pal exercised her franchise at the polling booth of CPD office located near Nehru Stadium. He also appealed to more and more voters of the city to vote. Similarly, Indore Collector Manish Singh also voted with the family after reaching the polling booth. He also appealed to more and more people to come out and vote.

10:41 AM, 06-Jul-2022

After the dispute of supporters in Indore, when the mayor candidates came face to face, they met something like this.
– Photo : Amar Ujala

After the controversy, the pleasant face of politics was shown in Indore

In Sirpur’s Government Higher Secondary School, there was a dispute between BJP and Congress workers. Mayor candidates of both the parties also reached there regarding this. When both of them encountered each other, they met each other happily. The atmosphere calmed down due to mutual coordination between the two leaders.

10:38 AM, 06-Jul-2022

BJP-Congress workers clashed over voting in Gwalior.
– Photo : Amar Ujala

BJP-Congress supporters clash in Gwalior

In Gwalior too, huge enthusiasm is being seen for voting from 7 am. Initially there was controversy at some places. A case of dispute has come to the fore between BJP and Congress supporters at Tiwari School polling station. On receiving the information, a large police force reached the spot. Supporters of both the parties were arrested. After that the police released them on the spot after giving instructions. After a while, MLA Satish Sikarwar, husband of Congress mayor candidate, also reached the spot, MLA Satish Sikarwar has alleged that the administration is working under pressure from the state government and ministers.

10:28 AM, 06-Jul-2022

TV artist’s grandfather also voted in Chhatarpur.
– Photo : Amar Ujala

TV artist Dada arrived in Chhatarpur by ambulance and cast his vote

Ramkishan, the grandfather of TV’s child artist Mahi Soni, reached the ambulance and voted. Mahi’s father Vikas told that the father has blood cancer. He cannot live without oxygen. Mahi had said that grandfather must vote. Because of this, he has come to cast his vote by taking him in an ambulance.

09:26 AM, 06-Jul-2022

Bhopal Collector Avinash Lavania exercised his franchise.
– Photo : Amar Ujala

Voting is going on in 133 urban bodies in Madhya Pradesh. 14% voter turnout till 9 am. 16% male voters and 12.5% ​​female voters cast their vote. Collector Avinash Lavania along with his wife Medha Lavania cast their vote at a polling booth located at 74 Bungalow in Bhopal. Bhopal Collector appealed to all the voters to cast their vote. Bhopal Collector said that wherever there was a problem in the EVM, their engineer and technical staff immediately resolved it. Where the technical problem of EVMs could not be resolved. There the EVMs were replaced immediately. Now voting is going on smoothly. Lavania said on the demand of the candidates to increase the time of voting and said that no such effect has been seen anywhere, due to which the time should be increased.

Voters’ polling booth changed in Danish Kunj area in Bhopal. Voters were worried. Mistake due to non-distribution of voter slips from house to house. Voters have voter ID cards, but their names are not there in the list. Even because of changing their polling booths, they kept searching for their names in the list. Similar complaints are being received in some other wards also.

09:24 AM, 06-Jul-2022

In Indore, BJP candidate Pushyamitra Bhargava cast his vote along with his family.
– Photo : Amar Ujala

Even after the heavy rains in Indore on Tuesday, the enthusiasm of the voters is not visible. Long queues are seen at many polling stations even after 9 o’clock. BJP candidate Pushyamitra Bhargava cast his vote along with his family at polling booth number 2155 located at M Win School in Sudama Nagar E Sector.

09:21 AM, 06-Jul-2022

BJP-Congress workers clash in Indore

Information about a knife being fired between BJP and Congress workers in Hiranagar police station area of ​​Indore. Some people are said to be injured. On Tuesday night, there was a ruckus at Hiranagar police station. The Congress leaders were allegedly distributing money in Ward 20, to which BJP workers objected. After this some Congress workers attacked the BJP office of Ward 20. BJP worker Jitu Chaudhary’s ear is being cut off in the attack.

08:52 AM, 06-Jul-2022

Queues are visible at polling stations in Indore since morning.
– Photo : Social Media

Long queues of voters are being seen at polling stations in Indore since morning. In Bhopal too, most of the people reached the booths early in the morning to cast their votes. Heavy rain has been warned in Bhopal. Therefore, people were seen exercising their franchise early in the morning. There have been reports of EVM malfunctioning in Habibiya School, Bhopal. Vote is not being cast even after pressing the button. Reserve EVM machine installed. Polling could start half an hour late. In Indore too, there have been complaints of delayed start of polling at some polling booths due to malfunctioning of EVM machines.

08:47 AM, 06-Jul-2022

In Indore, Minister Tulsiram Silavat along with the family reached the polling station and cast their vote.
– Photo : Amar Ujala

State minister Tulsiram Silavat was also among those who voted early in the morning. He went to Indore with his family and exercised his franchise. In Indore, there is a tough fight between Sanjay Shukla of Congress and Pushyamitra Bhargava of BJP. While Sanjay Shukla is the sitting MLA from Indore Assembly Constituency No. 1, BJP has fielded Pushyamitra Bhargava as a young face.

07:38 AM, 06-Jul-2022

BJP’s mayoral candidate Malti Rai voted in this way.
– Photo : Amar Ujala

In Bhopal, BJP mayoral candidate Malti Rai went to Pushpa Nagar Narayan College and cast her vote at 7 am. He claimed his victory. In Bhopal, all the MLAs had come in the fray for the BJP candidate Malti Rai by the time the elections came to a close. Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan conducted road shows in each assembly in four days. Congress candidate Vibha Patel focused more on on-field public relations in the old city. The last state president of the campaign, Kamal Nath, held a public meeting after the roadshow. Former Chief Minister Digvijay Singh was busy activating the workers and dissidents sitting at home.

07:19 AM, 06-Jul-2022

Satna BJP mayor candidate Yogesh Tamrakar cast his family vote.
– Photo : Social Media

In Satna, BJP mayor candidate Yogesh Tamrakar cast his family vote early in the morning. Yogesh is facing Congress MLA Siddharth Kushwaha. The candidates of both the parties are strong for Satna. Both have a hold on the OBC seat. Where Siddhartha is the young face. His father has also been politically active. Siddhartha defeated Shankar Lal Tiwari, a three-time BJP MLA. Earlier, he had also been a member in the Zilla Panchayat. BJP’s candidate Yogesh Tamrakar is a big industrialist of the city. He has vast experience in the industrial sector. Despite being on the post of State Vice President in BJP, he is discharging many political and social responsibilities.

07:10 AM, 06-Jul-2022

In the first phase of Madhya Pradesh urban body elections, the 11 municipal corporations for which voting will be held on July 6. Of these, Congress is strong on three, BJP is strong in two. For the first time in Singrauli, the Aam Aadmi Party is also showing its strength. Senior party leaders have given full strength in all the urban bodies. Voting will be held on Wednesday in 11 municipal corporations in the state – Bhopal, Indore, Burhanpur, Gwalior, Jabalpur, Chhindwara, Ujjain, Sagar, Singrauli, Satna, Khandwa. Its results will come on 17th July. read more

06:47 AM, 06-Jul-2022

Locations of eight polling stations changed in Indore late at night

Eight polling stations in Indore city have been shifted due to water-logging and water logging in and around the polling booths due to heavy and heavy rains in Indore on Tuesday. Polling stations whose buildings have been changed for the convenience of the polling personnel and voters include polling station numbers-700, 701, 712, 361, 362, 365, 366 and 367. Polling station number 700, 701 and 712 located in Government Advanced Secondary School, Nehru Nagar, has been set up at Deepika Higher Secondary School, Nehru Nagar. The polling station number 361 and 362 located in Motilal Nehru Scheduled Caste Hostel, Sanwaria Nagar, has been set up at The Ira. New Public School Suvidhi Nagar has been shifted to room number one and two. Polling booth numbers 365, 366 and 367 located in Primary and Secondary School Sanwaria Nagar have been set up in Room No. 3, 4 and 5 of The Ira New Public School, Suvidhi Nagar. Permission in this regard has also been obtained from the State Election Commission.

06:22 AM, 06-Jul-2022

According to the instructions of the Election Commission, the use of mobile inside the polling station during the urban body elections will be strictly prohibited. Officially orders have also been issued in this regard. BJP State President VD Sharma will vote at 9.30 am at Sahyadri Complex near Depot Square in Bhopal.



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