Amrita Singh Did Not Allow Kids To Meet Saif Ali Khan After Her Divorce, This Was The Reason



Saif Ali Khan Amrita Singh Divorce Reason: From the marriage of Saif Ali Khan and Amrita Singh to the divorce, everything was in a lot of discussions. They were married in the year 1991. It is said that they did this marriage against the wishes of the family members. From this marriage two children Sara Ali Khan and Ibrahim Ali Khan were born to Saif and Amrita. However, after 13 years of marriage, Saif and Malaika got divorced in 2004. According to the news, there were many reasons behind this divorce, the most prominent of which is said to be the behavior of Amrita Singh. According to media reports, Saif was 12 years younger than Amrita at the age, from above the actress used to taunt him all the time.

However, after divorce from Saif, the custody of the children was with Amrita Singh. Meanwhile, news came that after his divorce from Amrita, Saif’s closeness with Italian model Rosa started increasing. This news also reached Amrita Singh, after which the actress had stopped meeting Saif’s children.

If media reports are to be believed, Amrita was afraid that Roza might incite the children against her. It is said that during that time Saif had longed to meet his own children. However, Roza and Saif’s affair also lasted for a few days, after which they broke up.

Saif married actress Kareena Kapoor in the year 2012. This was Saif’s second marriage. From this marriage two children Taimur Ali Khan and Jehangir Ali Khan were born to Saif and Kareena.

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