Sylvester Stallone Birthday: Know Interesting Facts About The Hollywood Star



Sylvester Stallone Birthday Facts: Today is the birthday of Hollywood’s famous actor Sylvester Stallone. Sylvester is 76 years old. The journey of Sylvester, who left a different mark in Hollywood from his very first film, was very difficult. During birth, a part of his face was paralyzed. From the time he started understanding life, he saw the fights of his parents day and night. When Sylvester was 5 years old, his parents separated.

His friends used to tease him due to the troubles at home and being a paralyzed face in school. Therefore, from childhood, his nature became irritable. He started beating up friends. Being upset, he was thrown out of the house by the family members. At that time, he had only one partner outside the house, that was his dog, but the trouble was such that Sylvester had to work in a soft porn film, yet the trouble did not leave him.

He didn’t even have a roof over his head. He slept in the bus stand for several days and did the cleaner’s work in the zoo, but even then he had to sell his only companion, his dog, for $ 50. He had made up his mind to act, but due to heavy voice and no expression on his face, he was not giving him any work, then he understood that something different had to be done. In 1975 he saw a boxing match. He was very impressed with boxer Muhammad Ali in the match and wrote a film on him.

After a lot of trouble, when a production company agreed to make the film, he brought back his dog as soon as he got the first signing amount. When his film Rocky was released in 1976, he did amazing collections. The film was so good that it was nominated for Oscar in 10 categories. Sylvester is the third actor to have received 2 Screenplay Awards. Sylvester has done 3 marriages. He has 5 children. But one died at the age of 35. When Sylvester saw his soul, he got him cremated according to Hindu customs. Sylvester has also appeared in the Bollywood film Kambakht Ishq. According to media reports, he has a net worth of around 3000 crores.



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