Sanjeev Kumar Proposed Hema Malini Twice, Angry Dharmendra Took Revenge This Way



Hema Malini Dharmendra Love Story: Bollywood’s dream girl Hema Malini had many crazy fans at one time. According to media reports, the list of Hema’s fans included names from Raj Kumar to Jeetendra and from Sanjeev Kumar to Dharmendra. It is said that Hema’s marriage with Jitendra was also fixed and this marriage was broken on the last occasion. At the same time, Raj Kumar and Sanjeev Kumar had also proposed Dream Girl for marriage but it is said that Hema had said no to both these stars.

According to media reports, Sanjeev Kumar proposed the actress again during the shooting of the film Sholay, despite Hema saying no. It is said that when Dharmendra working in the film came to know about this, he was furious with anger.

Actually Hema and Dharmendra had come in serious relation by then. Meanwhile, after receiving the news that Sanjeev Kumar has proposed Hema, Dharmendra got all the scenes with Sanjeev and Hema removed from the film Sholay after speaking to the director.

Actually Dharam Paji used to be a big star then and no one wanted to mess with him. Let us tell you that Sanjeev Kumar also loved Hema so much that after not getting married to her, the actor had decided not to marry her lifelong. Let us tell you that at the age of 47, Sanjeev Kumar died of a heart attack.

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