Tamannaah Bhatia Revealed Her Biggest Fear Is To Loss Memory



Tamannaah Bhatia Fear : Renowned South and Hindi film industry actress Tamannaah Bhatia, whose recent Telugu film, ‘F3’ has become a hit, has revealed that the biggest fear of her life is losing her memory. The actress, who is currently shooting in Mumbai, decided to answer questions asked by fans and fans on Twitter while waiting to reach her shooting location on Tuesday.

During this conversation, he was asked a question that what is his biggest fear. To which Tamannaah replied, ‘Losing my memory .. hey, sounds scary.’ The actress chose Shubhashini from Tamil film ‘Dharmadurai’ and Avantika from ‘Baahubali’ as two of the most special characters she has played so far. When asked which fictional character she would be most excited to meet in real life, Tamannaah replied, ‘Sherlock Holmes.’ When asked if she has any hidden talent that people are not aware of yet, the actress said, “I make my words ‘chichi machi’ which means navel, ‘kitkitai’ which means to tickle, There is ‘ja la ling’ which means jealousy.’

In this conversation, Tamannaah also answered the question whether she likes chocolate or ice cream more? In response, the actress said that she likes ‘chocolate ice cream’. Talking about Tamanna’s work front, the actress is a well-known actress of South, apart from this, she has also appeared in some Hindi films like Himmatwala, Tutak Tutak Tutiya. Now the actress is going to be seen back-to-back in three Hindi films Bole Bangles, Plan A Plan B, Babli Bouncer.



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