A Husband Shot His Wife Drunk In Aligarh S Civil Lines Police Station Area



In Hathi Duba area of ​​Thana Civil License area of ​​Aligarh, a woman was forced to refuse to serve meat during a liquor party organized by her husband with friends. The drunken husband assaulted his wife and shot her with an illegal firearm kept in the house. After this, the accused fled with his friends leaving his wife in injured condition. Hearing the sound of gunshots, a crowd gathered at the spot. Giving information about the matter to the police, the local people admitted the injured woman to JN Medical College for treatment. The police, who reached the information, investigated the matter and started searching for the accused husband.

According to the information received, a person named Aslam, a resident of Hathi Duba of Civil Line police station area of ​​the district, was having a liquor party on the terrace of the house along with his four-five friends late on Monday night. While down in the house, Aslam’s wife Naseer was making meat and both his son and daughter were watching TV.

Naseer’s children and his brother have alleged that Aslam asked for meat from his wife Naseer for a liquor party, but Naseer refused to provide food (salan). Angered by this, Aslam came downstairs and kicked the cooker full of vegetables inside the kitchen and scattered the food.

After that Aslam went inside the room with an illegal firearm and opened fire while beating his wife Naseer. During this, a bullet hit Naseer. As soon as the bullet hit, Naseer fell on the ground. Here, Aslam escaped from the spot along with his friends after being shot. This whole incident happened in front of the children.

A crowd of local people gathered on the spot after hearing the noise of the children and the sound of firing. Seeing the woman covered in blood, there was a stir. People rushed the injured woman to JN Medical College for immediate treatment. After getting the information, the police also reached the spot, the treatment of the injured woman Naseer is going on at JN Medical College. At the same time, the police is investigating the matter and looking for the accused husband and his friends.



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