Mystery Of Jagannath Temple Lord Krishna Heart Still Beats In Temple Know The Mystery Behind This Jagannath Puri Rath Yatra 2022 – Mysterious Temple



Mysterious TempleIndia is a center of faith in the world. There are many mysterious temples in the country whose mysteries even scientists have not been able to solve. We tell you about such a mysterious temple where even today the heart of Lord Krishna beats. After leaving the body, the heart rate of all people stops, but even after leaving the body of Lord Shri Krishna, his heart is still beating. Knowing you must have believed this, but knowing about the information given in the Puranas and some incidents, you will be convinced of this truth.

When Lord Shri Hari Shri Vishnu took the incarnation of Shri Krishna in Dwapar Yuga, this was his human form. The law of creation is that the death of every human being born on earth is certain. Similarly, the death of this human form of Lord Shri Hari was also certain.

After 36 years of Mahabharata war, Lord Krishna left his body. After this the Pandavas performed the last rites of Lord Krishna. His whole body was covered in fire, but his heart was still beating. Even fire could not burn the heart of Brahma. Pandavas were surprised to see this. After this there was a voice from Akash that this is the heart of Brahma and it was flown into the ocean. The Pandavas made Lord Krishna’s heart flow into the ocean.

The famous Lord Jagannath temple is located in Puri, Odisha. Lord Jagannath is seated in this temple along with brother Balabhadra and sister Subhadra. There are many mysteries associated with Lord Jagannath sitting in this temple. Along with this, this mysterious temple is also very miraculous.

The direction of the wind coming in front of this temple also changes. It is believed that the winds change their direction so that the sound of ocean waves cannot go inside the temple. The sound of the ocean stops as soon as you step into the temple from the entrance. The most surprising thing is that the flag of the temple also always flutters in the opposite direction from the wind.

The heart of Lord Shri Krishna is still present in the idol of Lord Shri Jagannath Temple. The heart part of the Lord is called the Brahma substance. The idols of Lord Jagannath, Balabhadra and Subhadra in the temple are of wood. The idol of Lord Shri Jagannath is made of neem wood. Every 12 years when the idol of Lord Jagannathji is changed. During that time, this Brahma substance is removed from the old idol and kept in the new idol.



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