Vice-President Election 2022 Who Will Be Bjp Candidate For Vice Presidential Election Know Opposition Equation



The notification for the Vice Presidential election was issued on Tuesday. July 19 is the last date for nominations. Voting will be held on August 6. The results will also come only on August 6. With this, the discussion about the names of candidates in NDA and UPA has intensified. Speculations are rife that like Draupadi Murmu, the BJP can surprise everyone with the name of the Vice Presidential candidate. At the same time, the opposition has also started preparing a strategy to field a strong candidate this time.

Let’s know all the information related to the Vice Presidential election. Apart from this, who can be the candidate from the BJP and the opposition side? What is the strategy of the ruling party and the opposition?

What is the preparation of BJP?

We contacted a BJP national level leader to understand the BJP’s strategy for its Vice Presidential candidate. “It is clear that the candidate of the Vice President will be from any state in North, West or Northeast India,” he said.

He said that the churning is going on on different names of these states. There has never been a woman Vice President in the history of the country. It is possible that this time history will be made. Meet Draupadi Murmu as the woman and the first tribal president. At the same time, a woman also sat on the Vice President’s chair. If this happens then it will be a new record. This will be the first time that both the President and the Vice President will be a woman in the country.

From which category can the candidate be made?

Professor of Political Science Dr. Ajay Singh said, “BJP’s decision in the case of the Vice President may also be a little different. Looking at the current equation, BJP is considering candidates from three-four different sections.

1. Female : Till date, no woman in the country has reached the post of Vice President. In such a situation, discussions are going on in the name of former Union Minister and former Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh Uma Bharti, former Governor of Manipur Najma Heptulla, former Chief Minister of Gujarat and present Governor of Uttar Pradesh Anandiben Patel. Apart from this, churning is also going on in the name of famous women of West Bengal. That is because, after the defeat of TMC in the assembly elections, BJP wants to be strong again here.

Apart from Madhya Pradesh, the influence of Uma Bharti is also visible in Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand. At the same time, Najma is the granddaughter of the country’s first education minister Maulana Abul Kalam Azad. She remained in Congress for a long time.

BJP can have two advantages by forwarding Najma’s name. The first is that he is a Muslim. Second is that she is a woman. Similarly, the name of Anandiben Patel is also discussed. Anandiben is the former Chief Minister of Gujarat. Presently she is the Governor of Uttar Pradesh. Anandiben is also one of the close associates of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

2. Sikh : Till date there has been no Sikh Vice President in the country. In such a situation, BJP can make a Sikh face as the Vice President. He can get the benefit of this in states like Punjab and Haryana. In this, the name of former Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh is the most discussed. The Punjabi face can also be from Delhi. BJP can get the benefit of this in Delhi also.



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