Presidential Election 2022: Presidential Candidate Draupadi Murmu Vs Yashwant Sinha Know Who Will Win News In Hindi – President Election: Did Yashwant Sinha admit defeat even before the election? Know how far Draupadi Murmu has come so far



As the date of the presidential election nears, there has been a stir in the political camps. BJP-led NDA’s candidate Draupadi Murmu and opposition’s candidate Yashwant Sinha are busy campaigning vigorously. Both are going to different states and seeking support from political parties.

Meanwhile, a statement of opposition candidate Yashwant Sinha has come under discussion. In which he also attacks NDA candidate Draupadi Murmu while targeting the BJP. After the arrival of this statement, speculations have started that Yashwant Sinha has conceded defeat even before the elections. The figures are also against Yashwant. Let us know why such claims are happening?

Which statement of Yashwant Sinha is in discussion?

Yashwant Sinha, the joint opposition candidate for the presidential election, was campaigning on Monday. During this, she said, ‘She (Draupadi Murmu) should take a pledge that she will not be a ‘rubber stamp president’ after winning the election. Will speak against attempts to communalise polarization in the country.

While the BJP has retaliated on Sinha’s statement, political pundits are calling it a sign of his defeat. Political analyst Prof. Ajay Singh says, ‘Somewhere Yashwant Sinha is beginning to realize that he is far behind Draupadi Murmu in numbers. This is the reason why he is doing such attacks.

Pro. Singh further says, ‘Hearing Sinha’s statements, it can be inferred that he has accepted his own defeat. This is the reason why he is now personally targeting the ruling party. Presidential candidates generally refrain from making such statements.

What did the BJP say on Sinha’s statement?

BJP national general secretary CT Ravi hit back at Sinha’s statement. “A tribal woman is not capable of this post, Sinha’s thinking reflects her bad mentality,” he said.

CT Ravi said, of course, the country does not need a rubber stamp president, but in the same way, the mentality of spreading false propaganda against tribal women who have gone ahead on their own is dangerous. He said that Murmu has already proved his abilities as the Governor of Jharkhand, as a minister and MLA in Odisha and as a lecturer in a college. The feeling that the tribal woman is not capable reflects one’s poor mentality.

From where did Sinha get support?

Yashwant Sinha has got the support of many parties like Congress, NCP, TMC, CPI, CPI(M) Samajwadi Party, RLD, RSP, TRS, DMK, National Conference, CPI, RJD, Kerala Congress (M). Yashwant currently has votes worth about three lakh 89 thousand. All parties big and small in Kerala have supported Yashwant Sinha only. In such a situation, it is possible that NDA candidate Draupadi Murmu may not get a single vote from here.

Which parties supported Draupadi Murmu?

NDA candidate Draupadi Murmu has so far been nominated for BJP, BJD, YSR Congress, Janata Dal Secular, Shiromani Akali Dal, JDU, AIADMK, Lok Jan Shakti Party, Apna Dal (Sonelal), Nishad Party, Bahujan Samaj Party, Republican Party of India. Parties like (Athawale), NPP, NPF, MNF, NDPP, SKM, AGP, PMK, AINR Congress, Jannayak Janata Party, UDP, IPFT, UPPL have given their support.

Despite being in opposition, BJD, YSR Congress, Janata Dal Secular, Akali Dal and Bahujan Samaj Party have supported the NDA candidate Draupadi Murmu. All of them have votes worth more than 6 lakhs. This figure is much more than the number needed to win.



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