Higher Risk Of Covid And Mortality In Young Comorbidities Women, Neurodegenerative Disorders In Long Covid – Covid-19 Study

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The increasing cases of corona infection in India remain a cause for concern. The daily cases of infection have been fluctuating continuously for the past one month. While 11739 people were found infected in the country on Saturday, in the last 24 hours once again the cases crossed 17 thousand. Reports suggest that Omicron’s sub-variants BA.2 along with BA.4 and BA.5 are mainly responsible for the increasing cases of infection in the country. Studies suggest that these variants are less likely to cause serious illness and hospitalization, although experts say these variants are highly contagious and pose a risk to those who are vaccinated. Already happened.

Meanwhile, the team of scientists doing research on the mortality rate due to corona infection has made a big disclosure. The researchers reported that young women with comorbidities such as chronic kidney disease (CKD), diabetes, and high blood pressure were at higher risk of death during the first phase of the epidemic.

Scientists say that people who have already had the problem of comorbidities need to take special precautions, it can increase the risk of death to a great extent in the event of infection.

Comorbidity increases the risk of infection severity

The team of researchers from Sir Ganga Ram Hospital in the capital Delhi conducted the study to know the risk of death due to infection. For this, data of 2,586 infected people who were hospitalized from April 8 to October 4, 2020, were studied.

Journal Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry In a study published in the journal Science, the team of scientists concluded that people who are already suffering from chronic kidney disease, if they get the infection, it can increase the risk of serious disease and death.

What did the study find?

For the study, the researchers divided the data of 2,586 infected into two categories based on age. In the first group, people of 18-59 years were kept while the second was of people above 60 years. The team obtained information about any pre-existing diseases in these hospitalized patients and based on this, observed the risk of infection severity.

The team of scientists found that comorbidity increases the risk of both severe disease during infection and long covid after recovery manifold.

Higher risk of serious diseases in women

Of the 2,586 patients, 779 (30.1 per cent) required ICU admission, while 1,807 (69.9 per cent) were treated normally. Of these, about 2,269 (87.7 per cent) patients recovered after treatment while 317 (12.3%) patients died. The researchers found that male patients (69.6 percent) were more than twice as likely to be hospitalized due to COVID-19 as compared to women (30.4 percent), although the severity of infection and the risk of mortality were found to be higher in women.

What do experts say?

Dr Vivek Ranjan, Head of the Department of Blood Transfusion at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital and co-author of the study said, “Our study showed that older people with comorbidities were more prone to similar problems than older people. The severity of COVID-19 infection and the risk of mortality were found to be higher among the youth. The risk of such people being admitted to the ICU is also high. On this basis, it can be said that people who already have any kind of disease need to be specially protected from corona infection. Newer variants like Omicron can also cause serious problems for you.



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