Who Is Leena Manimekalai Whose Documentary Kaali Poster Made Controversies Know About Her Profile Here – Leena Manimekalai: Married to Mama…



These days, there are continuous protests and demonstrations on religious grounds across the country. After the controversial statement of Nupur Sharma, this fire has spread across the country. In such a situation, in the past, there has been a lot of ruckus on the poster of a documentary film ‘Kali’. In this poster of the film that came out recently, Maa Kali is shown smoking a cigarette. Along with this, the flag of LGBTQ is also seen in his hand. Ever since the poster surfaced, it is being strongly opposed on social media. Filmmaker Leena Manimekalai, who made this documentary, is also in the news since the poster of the film came into the limelight. So let’s know who is the controversial poster maker Leena Manimekalai-

These days, Leena, who is making a lot of headlines for her film Kali, has a deep connection with controversies. She has been in controversies in the past for many of her films. However, Leena, who has been in controversies, has seen a lot of struggle in her personal life. He has struggled at all levels of social, family and economic in his life. Leena Manimekalai hails from the remote village of Maharajapuram, located in the south of Madurai. His father was a lecturer in the college. In the village where she lived, it was customary to marry a girl to her maternal uncle as soon as she reached adolescence.

When Leena came to know about this practice, she ran away from home at the time of her marriage. After this she reached Chennai where she applied for a job in the office of Tamil magazine Vikatan. But then after contacting their family members from the office, they handed them back to their families. After this, Leena started her engineering studies by somehow persuading her family members. Meanwhile, Leena’s father died in the last year of college. After her father’s death, Leena decided to publish her doctoral thesis on Tamil director P Bharathiraja, written by her father, in book form.

She went back to Chennai to get this book published. During this, she also met filmmaker P Bharathiraja, whom she fell in love with. The news of Leena’s relationship with the director made a lot of headlines then. As soon as these news came to the fore, her mother stopped eating and drinking and asked the daughter to come back home. In such a situation, seeing the deteriorating condition of the mother, Leena left the cinema and Bharathiraja and returned home. Later, after working in many places, he finally decided to become the voice of the victims of exploitation and social issues. In this way he started working on his first film ‘Mathamma’ in the year 2002. After that she kept on moving forward.

Lina, who was caught in controversies about her recent film, had been in controversies earlier also regarding her films. She released her first feature film Sengdal in 2011, which was based on the fishermen of Dhanushkodi. There was a lot of controversy regarding this film of Leena. The ruckus about the film increased so much that it was delayed for a long time due to getting into legal trouble. Not only this, his film was refused a certificate by the Censor Board. The board said that many derogatory and political remarks have been made in Sengdal on the Indian and Sri Lankan government. Apart from this, Leena was also in controversy with her film White Van Stories.



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