Sidhu Moosewala Murder Case Goldy Brar Told The Door Of Moosewala House Opened 19-year-old Ankit Shot 20 Bullets



The youngest shooter of the Goldie Brar-Lawrence Bishroi gang, Ankit alias Chhota of Haryana had fired 20 bullets at Sidhu Musewala. He had opened fire on the Punjabi singer with a pistol in both the hands. He had fired both the pistols. It is being told that Ankit had shot the maximum number of bullets at singer Musewala. On the other hand, Goldie Brar had received a call from Priyavrata alias Fauji before killing Sidhu Musewala. It was he who told that the door of Sidhu Musewala’s house has been opened. The police have taken both Ankit and Sachin on police remand for five days.

A senior officer of the Special Cell said that Ankit was asked by Priyavrat alias Fauji to get closer to Sidhu Musewala. Ankit wanted to make a name for himself in the Lawrence Bishnai-Goldie Brar gang very soon. He had also posed for the photo, in which Sidhu Musewala is written with the cartridge and is sitting behind and indicating for the murder. HGS Dhaliwal, Special Commissioner of Police, Special Cell, said that the accused shooter did not stay for more than a day after killing the Punjabi singer. The accused kept roaming in five states. During this they stopped in Fatehabad, Tosham, Pilani, Kutch, Madhya Pradesh, Bilaspur, UP and Jharkhand. Told where it has been that they had also come to Delhi and Haryana.

Ankit told during interrogation that he stayed in Kutch from June 2 to 7. Here Priyavrata alias Fauji started roaming without a mask. Although he had got his beard shortened to change his appearance. Ankit, Deepak Mudi and Sachin were separated from Bhiwani Priyavrat and fled there because of her roaming around without a mask. The Special Commissioner of Police said that Goldie Brar, sitting in Canada, had called the sharp shooters on May 28. He had asked to do the crime the next day i.e. on 29th May. One and a half hours before the incident, Goldie had called Priyavrat and told that the big door of Musewala’s house has opened and he can go out at any time. When the Punjabi singer left the house, an internet call came that Moosewala was leaving with two of his accomplices and was not accompanied by security guards. After killing Sidhu, Priyavrat called Goldie and told that the work was done.

The uniform was taken for the crime, later kept it to run away

According to the police officials of the Special Cell, the accused shooter had taken the Punjab Police uniform for the murder of Sidhu Musewala. He was given uniform by three Punjabi youths in Punjab. The conspiracy of the accused was that if they were not able to kill Sidhu, they would go to Moosewala’s house in police uniform on the pretext of raiding him and kill him. Later, he kept the uniform with him. They felt that if the police ever surrounded them, they would be able to escape wearing the uniform.

After two days the unknown person took the weapon

Police investigation has revealed that the weapons used in the murder of the Punjabi singer were taken by an unknown person two days later on June 1. There was a pre-planning to hand over the weapon to an unknown person. Police are probing where the weapons are and from where they were purchased.



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