Maharashtra Floor Test Absent Mlas From Former Cm Ashok Chavan To Dheeraj Deshmukh Know Politics Behind It



Chief Minister Eknath Shinde proved his majority in the floor test in Maharashtra today. 164 votes were cast in favor of Shinde, while 99 MLAs cast their votes in opposition. 22 MLAs did not turn up for voting. Of these, the Congress has the maximum number of 10 MLAs. Apart from this, MLAs of NCP, SP and AIMIM also stayed away from voting. However, the most discussed is the disappearance of Congress MLAs. It also includes veterans like former Chief Minister Ashok Chavan.

Questions are being raised whether these Congress MLAs are thinking of changing sides? Why did he not cast his vote despite the strict orders of the party? What is its political meaning? Let’s know…

First know which MLAs stayed away from voting?

The 10 Congress MLAs who did not take part in the floor test are former chief ministers Ashok Chavan, Jitesh Antapurkar, Zeeshan Siddiqui, Pranati Shinde, Vijay Wadettiwar, Dheeraj Deshmukh, Kunal Patil, Raju Awale, Mohanrao Humberde and Shirish Chaudhary.

In this, Ashok Chavan himself has been the Chief Minister of Maharashtra. Apart from this, Pranati Shinde also did not vote. Pranati is the daughter of Sushil Shinde. Sushil Shinde has also been the Chief Minister of Maharashtra. He has also been the Union Home Minister in the Manmohan Singh government.

Dhiraj Deshmukh is the third biggest name among those who did not attend the assembly during voting. Dheeraj Deshmukh is the son of former Chief Minister of Maharashtra and veteran Congress leader Vilasrao Deshmukh. At the same time, Vijay Wadettiwar was a minister in the Maharashtra government.

Apart from these, Anna Bansode of NCP, Sangram Jagtap also kept distance from voting. Two Samajwadi Party MLAs and one AIMIM MLA also did not cast their vote. Apart from this, the names of seven other MLAs who were absent during the voting are yet to be revealed. At the same time, two NCP MLAs are in jail. They couldn’t even vote.

What is the political meaning of abstaining from voting?

To understand this, we spoke to senior journalist Ashok Srivastava. “It is not necessary that abstaining from voting means that everyone is thinking of rebelling against the party,” he said. Yes, the sudden disappearance of veteran leaders like Ashok Chavan, Vijay Wadettiwar, Mohanrao Humberde, Pranati Shinde, Dheeraj Deshmukh definitely raises doubts. Many of these leaders reached the assembly, but by then the voting process was more than half completed. It can also be part of a strategy. Ashok Chavan is a former Chief Minister. He knows all the rules. Similarly, Vijay Wadettiwar was also a minister in the Uddhav government. Pranati and Dheeraj are children of former chief ministers. Most of the people know the rules of the proceedings of the Legislative Assembly. Despite this, arriving late is enough to raise questions.

Ashok further says, ‘For a long time many MLAs of Congress and NCP were said to be angry. Due to the declining popularity of the Congress, many MLAs are also worried about their future. In such a situation, it is possible that some of these MLAs may join Shiv Sena or BJP to save their own politics in the coming times.

What happened in the floor test today?

Eknath Shinde needed 144 votes of MLAs to prove his majority. Earlier the floor test was to be held through voice vote, but could not be done due to the uproar of the opposition. After this, the Speaker of the Assembly got the vote done through head count. In this, every member of the Legislative Assembly was asked with whom he is? In this voting, 164 MLAs voted in favor of Eknath Shinde. Only 99 votes were cast in opposition.



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